Thursday, May 1, 2014

April Was Curious

At the end of every month, my favorite writer (in the whole wide world!) has a link-up for "What You Learned This Month". I've never joined the link-up, because frankly, the things I learn are usually embarrassing or inappropriate. This month is no exception. April was a month of curious learning. It was also a month that put my soul through the wringer. Heavy stuff. Stuff I can't talk about without crying. So, I'm giving you all the lighter things:

1. Teenagers and cell phones. {pause for a heavy sigh..................}
We can have a lengthy discussion on the pros and cons, but it would be pointless. For heaven sakes, my teenagers sleep with their phones resting right next to their pillow! Phones are the new baby blanket.

I have a love/hate relationship with cell phones. But truly, it's the best way to communicate with your child. Or harass them, whichever you prefer. Sometimes, when they're out with their friends, I'll text them over and over and over. Like, 20 different times, all with ridiculous questions. "Do you want to come home and we can make matching skirts for church?" I crack myself up. It makes them crazy. Mission accomplished.

But, here's the flip side-- they have no idea how to function without a phone. So, guess what they do? They use mine.

The Favorite Baby Child decided it was a good idea to hold her phone while riding a bike. Of course she dropped it and the screen exploded. She got so tired of trying to look through all the cracks in her screen, so she just started using mine. And why do they take so many pictures of themselves?

Child #2 got her phone confiscated by her parents. Oh, the wailing! But again, she just used mine. Can't a mother ever have anything her children don't touch?

2. And on the subject of cell phones, can we talk about those stupid little picture graphics you can send with a text? Yes? I know they have a name, I just don't care enough to know what it is or how to spell it. I think they're weird. Really. But teenagers are weird, so I'm not surprised when they use them. Adults? Ya, that surprises me.

Can we discuss (or not) this one right here:
Who felt the need to create this little guy?

Because, here's the deal. I'll text my offspring and ask what they're doing. Because, I know they're in the house, I just don't want to put forth the effort of physically finding them, so I use my phone. 86% of the time that I ask this question, they respond with the little guy. Gives me the shivers.

And guess what I text back? Wait for it....."You're eating chocolate frosting in the bathroom? That's SO weird!"

It irritates the teenagers. Which makes me very, very happy.

I can't even tell you what else I learned in April. Because, how can you proceed after talking about a poop icon with eyes?

Um, you can't.

Let's enjoy May.
My goal is not to cry.
I hope I make it.



Quelly said...

Loves. I hope May is better for you. Oh, it is an odd numbered month so it doesn't look good. June will be smashing, I'm sure!

4guysandme said...

Hahaha! That is why it is good to know someone that can fix those crazy screens. The best part about them sleeping with them next to their heads? You can wake them up. No more climbing the stairs to shake them or yelling upstairs to wake them up. Just send them a text or call them. They will jump quick! "Everything is awesome!"