Tuesday, May 6, 2014

You Need To Pick Up What I'm Puttin' Down

You need to buy this book:
You can check out all the deets here. Basically, this woman is my fave, fave, fave decorating blogger ever. Of all time. And now she's a writer. I'll also mention that her sister is my fave, fave, fave life-writer of all time, ever, as well.

I have never, not once, pre-ordered a book from Amazon. This one I did. When it arrived, I gave it to The Husband and asked him to hide it away for my birthday. I really, really hope he remembers where all this stuff I've bought is located.

I've been meaning to write a lengthy, poignant post about The Nester's catch phrase, "It doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful." But really, my imperfect life just hasn't slowed down long enough for me to gather all the words together.

So instead, I'm just going to tell you (like I have before) to follow her. Her ideas about living perfectly while surrounded by all our imperfect, resonate through all areas of my life. And no, I've never met her. I'm going to write to her someday. Because she's had that much of an impact on my life.

And because I want to impact your life today, I'm giving you something to smile about. The cutest picture of The Angel Baby. Sitting in the corridor of the hospital after enduring endless medical tests.
There are times, in the midst of all the imperfect that surrounds me, that I get a true glimpse of the spirit inside this girl. And there is nothing, nothing, that is more perfectly beautiful. She's like a slice of Heaven. That giggles uncontrollably.

May you look around at all your own imperfectness today, and smile.
Take Riley's joy and make it your own.

Oh, and buy a book.
It's almost as good as a new puzzle :)

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