Monday, May 5, 2014


It's that time of year where high school schedules get all wacky. Testing days vary based on grade level. And for reasons really oblivious to me, there are days with "late arrival". This morning, my oldest was circling the house and begging me to straighten her hair while she watched TV.

I starred her down and told her that during school hours, her voice is like pterodactyl claws on my soul. I maybe, sorta told her she was only allowed to speak to me during the traditional non-school hours. In case you're wondering, that's 4:00-4:15 pm. And 15 minutes is plenty generous. She completely ignored me and kept. talking.

To add even more goodness on top of the awesomeness, as soon as Child #1 walked out the door, Child #3 called from school. She has strep. For the 4th time. Oh, raise your hands high and sing praises to heaven. It's like the universe actually wants me to spend more time with my children. Someone needs to let the universe know that summer arrives in a matter of weeks. Geez.

So, here's something to think about: the other day, the child of mine that was just inducted into the National Honor Society (which generally indicates you've got your act together) decided to make brownies. A double batch. She stood at the sink and asked me, "What's 1/4th plus 1/4th?" I thought she was kidding, so I didn't answer her. After a few minutes, she said, "No seriously, I'm not good at fractions."

Oh, snap.

And as an FYI, because I know you're just waiting on the edge of your seat, my birthday is in 2 days. Guess what that means?

I get a new puzzle.

It's all I'm living for.
What a sad, pathetic truth.

But, when I think about that puzzle (I bought for myself, but made The Husband hide away for my birthday because I'm a puzzle junkie), my heart rate picks up. I'm super, over the moon, excited.

That just might be a whole different level of the generic pathetic.
Maybe my DNA is responsible for my 17 year old, AP student not knowing how to add 1/4th and 1/4th.

Oh snap, indeed.

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4guysandme said...

Do not fault her. They do all sorts of crazy math these days.