Monday, December 24, 2012

See The Reason

Christ is the reason for the season. But, He is so much more. He is the reason for it all. Hope, Peace and Grace. He holds it in His hands and gives it freely. There is no better offer.

May you find joy this Christmas. In all that you see. Take a step back from your everyday view, and See with your soul. Look with your heart at all that you've been given and all that you are. Look closely at those you love and soak those memories down into your skin.

I hope you find purpose and joy this holiday. Merry Christmas friends.


Friday, December 21, 2012

Side Effects Of Holiday Stress

The holidays tend to level up the stress. Don't you think? Well, at least for mothers. I think we absorb all the craziness while the rest of the family kicks back and enjoys things. It's not right. Actually, it's probably ridiculous, but whatever.

All stress comes with side effects. I took inventory of mine this morning:

Child #1 spoke the forbidden words a few days ago, "I think I've changed my mind on what I want for Christmas." I swear to you, I almost full-body slammed the girl to the ground. I had to physically restrain myself. This was Clue #1 that I have reached beyond my normal level of crazy. I honestly pictured all the wrestling moves I've seen on TV in my mind and quickly figured out which ones I could use to get her to stop talking.


Two days ago, I went full-tilt crazy and bought the "miracle cleaning solution" from the boys who knocked on my door. Granted, it is a good cleaning product. I've used it before. But, you want to know why I really bought it? In the boy's sales pitch, he told me I looked like a model. I wrote a check immediately.


Yesterday, I was driving a car full of teenagers. I decided to play the 'What if...' game. So I asked them, "What would you really want to be doing tomorrow if it's the end of the world?" I was greeted with silence. Apparently, my question required deep thinking that they weren't willing to do.

So, I offered them my own Last-Day-On-Earth desire. I told them I would want to go out eating cake. A whole cake. Again, I was met with silence. Then one of the teenagers spoke quietly from the back, almost to himself, "What kind of a pathetic life would you have to have if all you want at the end of the world is to eat cake?"

Well said.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Piano Taught Me To Be

I fought having a piano for years. Why? Many reasons, all of them fairly selfish. I knew they would play it endlessly and the sound would drive me crazy. That, and they take violin lessons. We are violinists, not pianists, darn it! These are the main reasons, silly, I know.

Child #2 has begged for a piano for so long, I can't even remember when she started. Probably the very day she began playing the violin. Several months ago, she took matters into her own hands and decided to teach herself. On my childhood piano at my mom's house. She picked a popular song and sat, and sat, and sat until she worked out the notes. Now when she plays this song, it's lovely.

So, I went against all the demands that I have previously made, and ushered the piano in. I moved furniture, I rearranged, I made a special place for this musical instrument that I have long deterred. It arrived 2 weeks ago.

And, you know? They do play it endlessly. And it does drive me crazy. But, I'm holding my mouth shut and letting them enjoy. It's a very un-like thing for me to do. Patience is something I rarely attempt.

And then. Oh, and then. The other night, I turned the corner of the room and found Child #1 sitting down to sing while Child #2 played. Time became still and the moment felt reverent. I simply watched and memorized each second. I wanted to take the memory and wrap it tight around my skin. It felt that perfect.

But perfection rarely lasts long. Within a minute it was over and done. Everyone stood and moved on to other things. Probably the continuation of an argument. But, I held the moment. I still do.

This is the season for a frenzied pace. More so than regular life. Often times, there isn't a whole lot we can do to turn it all down a notch. Gifts still have to be bought, errands run and Christmas cards won't mail themselves. But amongst all the Doing, we can find a lot of Being. Peace can come amisdt the crazy. We simply need to Be in the moment. To grasp the Quiet and the Still when they arrive unexpected. And when they do, just Be. Hold the moment and let it fill your Being. It just might make you come alive.

You may not need a piano to find your silent night. Or, maybe you do. Regardless, may you find what your soul is looking for. It's around the corner, sitting on a bench, singing along with sweet music.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Something To Think About

I've been summoned. To jury duty. I am not excited. Not in the least. The only bright side I can find, is the $6 I will receive for my efforts. That's more than I make all year.

I've looked over my juror information. I'm not allowed to bring "mace, tasers, weapons, tools or sharp objects (including knitting needles, crochet hooks and knives)." Um, really? Because normally, I carry a knife and a taser on my person.

I've thought about googling what I need to do to be in contempt of court. Why? Then I could sit somewhere and read without having to make dinner for anyone. I might even call it a jail-cation.


My New Year's resolution has been made. I'm going to betroth my kids. Honestly. I looked around at everyone a few weeks ago, and I realized that Fosters are hard to handle. Maybe even impossible. So, pre-arranged marriages might be the only way to go.


I bought myself some skinny jeans. I can't decide if someone over the age of 40 is even allowed to wear skinny jeans. When I put them on, I have an image in my head of shoving a turkey into a denim jacket. A 40 year old turkey.


2 nights ago, it occurred to me that if our house was on fire, I would grab my Kindle first. I'm sure I would scream for Todd to get the kids, but then I would grab my can't-ever-live-without book reader. You can live without a house, but you can not live without books. Amen.