Friday, May 23, 2014

Around The House

I'm a Homie. True dat. I like being home. I like making a home. And all that goes with it. I could stay inside my house and just do "stuff" for days. Often times "stuff" is code word for reading.

I decorate and undecorate. Move and rehang. It's just what I do. A mantel usually lasts a good 3 weeks. Then I'm bored and I pull out my awesome Homie skills and move everything around. Not gonna lie, it takes a full day. If I feel the need to paint something along the way, 2 days.

I have got to find a way to take my Homie skills on the road. Can I come redecorate your house? I would love it. Seriously. You'll have to call me. Or talk to The Husband on Facebook because I'm allergic to social media.

Here's what's happening around here today. You can ooh and awe over my random iphone pics with terrible lighting.

I've mentioned it before, but I'm obsessed with all things book pages. Here's a disclaimer-- Don't look close. I never pay attention to the words. I'm fairly confident in saying that much of my decor is probably covered with inappropriate words. And Daughter #1 made the adorable blue plate for me for Mother's Day.

The suitcases were my dad's when he served his church mission. I love them! And of course my beloved puzzles are stored out in the open, in a place of honor. Actually, these are just the ones I got for my birthday. I'm keeping them here until I finish them all. There is one, way in the back, that is hysterically inappropriate. The Husband claims he "couldn't see it clearly from the tiny picture on Amazon". It's a cartoon drawing of people at the beach. That's all I'm gonna say. (Feel free to come over and look at it. Don't bring small children.)

I get a bit fascinated with certain trends. For a while, I made pinwheels non-stop. Lately I've become obsessed with these circle, fan thingies. What exactly are they called? I dream about making a hundred of them and covering an entire wall. But the thought makes me tired, so I sit on the couch and read. Child #3 made the watercolor.

One of the most fun things I've done in my house is paint a chalkboard wall. Every now and then, out of the blue, one of my kids will draw beauty. Plain and simple.

And last, but not least, I'm giving you a view of underneath my bed. The Favorite Baby Child sleeps on the floor next to me (oh, what a whole other conversation that is). While looking for wrapping paper the other day, which is stored in bins under the bed, I discovered her stock pile.

Why on earth does she need so many cups? Why? Do you like how she's neatly laid out a fruit snack and a stick of gum? Good grief. And before you even wonder, no I haven't asked her about it. Frankly, I don't want to know. Honestly.

Apparently, my Homie skills only apply to anything above bed level.

Find time to decorate this weekend.
Or, just call me and I'll come do it for you :)

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