Thursday, May 22, 2014

Hair-Do's and To-Do Lists

There are few things I'm good at. I could list them on one hand. Seriously. And just so you know, parenting isn't one of them. This isn't a surprise, we've talked about this before. But here's what you might not know-- I am a master at little girl hair-do's. I'm for reals, a master.

I'm guessing I could do a super fine job on big girl hair as well, but my big girls won't let me touch it. Every now and then, on a leap year, they will let me have at it. As soon as it's done, they hate it and undo all my work. It's ridiculous.

So, imagine my surprise when The Favorite Baby Child let me braid her hair. I totally jumped up and down in the bathroom. I may have twirled too.

She was Laura Ingalls Wilder at school for the day. Hence, the braids. I begged for 2 days and she caved under the pressure.
When she stepped off the bus that afternoon, the braids were gone. Of course.

On a brighter note, Child #2 fell down the stairs at school. She thinks she broke her butt. I'm not really sure how to confirm that one. But she did break her phone.
Being the creative child she is, she took colored Sharpie markers and decorated all the cracks.

My, oh my, life feels exhausting today. In all it's ordinary craziness.

Y'all. The list is long. Sooooo long. The list that's on a continual loop in my brain. It repeats all I need to get done. Over and over. And today? I feel the need to ignore the list. I just can't bring myself to care enough about it. All morning I have wasted time. Wasted. It feels so delightfully refreshing.

So I'm giving us all permission to put the To Do's on hold. Just for today. Find a way to waste some time. Preferably on a puzzle. M'kay?

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