Saturday, October 31, 2015

Sugar Is The Name Of the Game

Halloween was made for people like me. Those that believe sugar is the base of the food pyramid. This is Game Day. And there is no messin' around. I've got my leggings on with an extra stretchy elastic waist band. This day is all business. It's a free pass to eat all the sugar everywhere. How can that possibly be a bad thing?

I had dreams sprinkled with fairy dust that the Baby Child and I would carve the pumpkin. She currently loathes the sight of me. But I persevered with my dream anyway. I think it's painful for her to share the same breathing air with anyone she's related to. So why wouldn't she want to carve a pumpkin with her mother? For the love, I'm an idiot. I carved the pumpkin by myself. Literally, all alone. In between loads of laundry.

If you still have kids that like being with you, carve a pumpkin today and love every minute of the mess. And if you have teenagers who are off with their friends and leave you alone on this holiday, I'm in your corner. Gobble up the cuteness of the kids who stop at your door tonight.

But listen. Today is a celebration. Of what? Of sugar. That's what. Sugar is the pixie dust of the universe. It's beautiful and golden. Enjoy it today. Every last, little piece in the bucket. Put on your stretch pants and eat like you mean it. You have my permission.

Happy Halloween, friends.

Friday, October 23, 2015

Live Like You Believe It

I often wish I was something I'm not. Patient, carefree, softer around the edges, not afraid of airplanes. I'm all hard edges, loud voice and opinionated. I tend to think about trying to be something other than that. Something that doesn't come naturally to me. But that just usually ends in failure. Which creates it's own self esteem plummet. "Why can't I be more like so and so? She's got it all together."

We do that to ourselves. Create a conversation in our head that wants us to be different. Somehow we've associated everyone else's different into better. We long for qualities that we "think" will make us into the best version of ourselves. It's really all hogwash. There is no better. Just various shades of different.

Because, here's the thing. We already are our best selves. With these qualities and these flaws. Right here, today. With all your personality hiccups that drive you crazy. This is the best. We've got it goin' on. We really do.

We are enough. In all the ways. In my loud, opinionated voice. In your unorganized, chaotic life. This is where we were meant to be. Always. This has been the plan from the very beginning. This you. The one you find lacking all the time. That you has a soul that is just right. Gifts and talents and virtues all your own. This is real.

Celebrate your goodness. Not the fabricated kind you think you need. The one that's within you today. You are your own best self. Day in and day out. In all the ways. Let's remember that. Let's take good care to remind ourselves that this is who I am. Imperfectly perfect.

No more wishing for something we were never meant to be. Only believing in who we are and remembering our worth. For it is great. Live up to your goodness.

"Be who you were created to be and you will set the world on fire."
St. Catherine of Sienna

No one else can fill your footprint. You are unique. We were designed that way. Not to be the same, but to be our own. Let's own it. Who we are, in everything that makes us tick. The good, the bad and the works-in-progress. We are each extraordinary. So let's start living like we believe it.

Friday, October 16, 2015

Oh, How She Teaches Me

This girl.

She teaches me.

She has made me look at motherhood from all different angles. She gets me down to the nitty gritty of parenting. But most of all, she's taught me about love. The unconditional kind. The kind that loves you as you are. No matter what.

This girl helps me see life from a different side of the street. Through her I've learned that goodness looks like a hilarious 16 year old girl. And that life shouldn't always be taken so seriously.

She moves to a beat that I long to hear. I watch her rhythm and try to match it. She pushes me to be the best mother possible. All the things, all of the time. She radiates joy and I find that contagious. She's taught me that endurance and perseverance are rather essential to living. Lessons I just couldn't find through anyone else.

How grateful I am that the Lord gives us these people to love and care for. They turn us into our best selves. Just by their very being. Learning in it's purest form. Loving in the fiercest way.

May we celebrate all the ways our children move us to be better parents. All the ways they teach us to be better humans. They are our greatest advocates. We are their biggest fans.

It is an honor to call you mine.

Monday, October 12, 2015


Here's the thing. There are just certain times where I feel the need to let you in on some stuff. I've somehow convinced myself that you are uber interested. Which I know you're not. So clearly I'm more self absorbed than I initially suspected.

Anywho, here we go:

You need this book. Like, now. Will you just buy it because I told you to? I had no idea I would need it as much as a needed it. You know? So, will you buy it? Just so you know, I've bought books before simply because another blogger told me to. There's no shame. Or, if you prefer, you can borrow mine. I've highlighted the crud out of it.


I keep giving Child #2 my credit card. It's becoming a situation. The Husband has made this point very clear. The real problem lies in the fact that I never have any cash. So I just hand over the credit card. And then I forget she has it. For like, days. What kind of a mother does that? The moron kind, that's who.


I only wash my hair once a week. It's true. Fight the jealousy. I have thick, dry hair. So I push it 7 full days. Bring it. Ponytails forever! No really, I only wash it on Sundays. Because you know, church and all.


I have unknowingly created a shrine in my kitchen. Every Monday is grocery day. And every Monday I clear off this little corner of goodness and restock it with new candy. I stared hard at it the other day and realized it's a good old-fashioned shrine. It's just missing some candles? Teenagers love this house.


Just in case you've forgotten, Child #1 is away in college. Like, states away. An entirely different time zone. My heart hurts when I think about it. Still. I expected this to get easier. Funny joke. It's not. So, I've made a chalkboard countdown until she comes home for Thanksgiving Break. Is that pathetic? I'm choosing to see it as adorable.


Last thing.
I'm afraid to fly on an airplane. We're talking radical, epic fear.
I'm such a weirdo.

Happy Monday, friends.
Celebrate your weirdness.