Friday, September 3, 2010

I Found Love At Open House

Yesterday was one of those crazy schedule days. Lots of things squeezed into a small amount of time. By the end of the day, I was rushed to make dinner. I was rushed to get everyone fed. I was rushed out the door to get to the junior high for Open House. I rushed to make sure that two children's schedules and classes were covered.

But then I found myself in Kellie's Language Arts class. The teacher explained that all the kids had written a poem centered on an emotion of their choosing. I searched the wall and located her all familiar hand writing.

Her words stopped me. I found myself squinting my eyes to try and stare at them harder, soaking them through me. I read them again and again. Each time through imprinted it's Love deep in my heart.

So much of parenting is hard work without any applause. Ever. A majority of my time is spent realizing I'm doing it wrong. Those thoughts only solidify every time I open my mouth to yell, scold or question.

Parenting rewards seem to appear in the smallest of moments. Sometimes they are few and far between. Maybe that's what makes them so magical. These moments, these small glimpses in time, are truly the reason we can keep on parenting through all the other yucky stuff.

I did not expect to find Love at Open House. I was far too rushed to get through it all, just like I am with most things. But love found a way to hold me still. It looked straight at me long enough to show me it's truth.

Love is Red. And now it lives in my heart.


Shelly said...

That is so sweet! What a beautiful reward for an obviously loving and wonderful Mama=)

Anonymous said...

That is so beautiful, Lisa! Frame it and hang it where you can look at it often.

Becky Leland said...

Our children have a way of making us STOP and FEEL the LOVE!!! BEAUTIFUL!

Mandys said...

I "love" this post. I am like you also in feeling like I'm rushing through each day, just trying to survive the stress of each day. I have noticed lately that I ponder at night and plead with myself to slow down and enjoy the moments of tomorrow with the kids. There is joy there if I'm not too distracted to notice. This poem is very sweet. I'm glad you snapped a shot and shared it. I especially love her handwriting. :)