Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Days Discoveries

In no specific order, here are the things I discovered today:

1. If you live in Texas, you should not be required to sit outside during your child's swim lessons. Over the last 3 days, I've lost 4 pds. in water through my sweat.

2. Marker containers should be emptied more often than once a year.
Addie and her friends dumped out the contents of the marker bin onto the floor for easier access to coloring tools. At the bottom of the pile, I found a dried up cockroach shell. For reals. I can't decide if it died in there this summer or last.

3. I'm a moron. This seems to be a reoccurring discovery.
I catered to the children today. Tried to make them happy and enjoy a fun, summer day. I let a plethora of friends come over and made sure everyone was entertained. I applauded the cheer routine they assembled and I made different lunches according to what each individual wanted. I made banana bread for a snack and at one point, everyone was seated on the floor with their own individual bag of popcorn. Catered. To. The. Children. Every now and then, like once every 2 years, I put forth the effort to be an ideal mom. Today was the day.

But by 3:00 pm, I had a crying child and tattle telling friends. I grew weary and started to lose my 'good mother' focus. At this point, I was asking Child #2 (over the phone) to bring home her clothes (from my mom's house) so that I could wash them. Her response to me, (said with disgust in her voice), "You haven't washed my clothes yet!" I almost reached through the phone and popped her head right off. Right. Off.

The lesson I discovered today, is that I'm an idiot. In the way, way back of my subconscious, I actually thought (for a fraction of a second) that my kids are now old enough to actually appreciate the things I do. I'm a moron for thinking such things.


I'm hoping that tomorrow's discoveries include some sort of shopping. Alone.


Anonymous said...

Bring your suit and float around in the deep end in a tube! You could read a book and sip the cold drink I'll provide... :)

Anonymous said...

I have also noticed that the days I do a lot of extras for the kiddos they are extra snotty! I hate that! If I make their lives a little more miserable they seem to be nicer. Strange.

Anonymous said...

I just finished writing my last comment and walked into the kitchen. I saw a half wiped up puddle of something. I nicely say..."Who spilt something on the floor?"
Josh: I didn't spill, I peed a little but I wiped it up.
(And then threw the towel on the counter. Gag!)
So I nicely say...
"Josh if you pee on the floor you need to tell me so that I can help clean it up."
He rolls his eyes and makes mean faces as he turns around. Like how dare I nicely say I'll clean up his pee! Never mind he is 9. years. Old!!! Today is starting out all wrong!

Penny said...

Bring the little monsters over here and they can swim in the pool.