Sunday, December 13, 2009

Can Modge Podge Kill Brain Cells?

It started out as a good idea. In my head, it sounded easy. In reality, I think I shaved off another inch of my sanity. I started on Thursday night and finished late Saturday afternoon. I stood at my kitchen counter so long, that I stopped counting after 14 hours. I. Kid. You. Not.

Countdown Blocks for teacher/friend gifts and personalized stars for the primary kids. My arm is numb from the shoulder down. Todd told me I should wear a sling to church and tell people I have 'modge podge arm'.

When I first stumbled onto the Countdown Blocks online, I knew that I could make them cheaper and cuter. I even roped my sister into helping me (along with her Cricut machine). I had no idea that my great idea would be so painfully labor intensive. Again I repeat, 14 hours plus.

When I swiped the last block on Saturday afternoon, I told Addie she could scream for me because I was too tired. She looked at me and said, "What if someone tells you they like it and then they go in their house and throw it in the garbage?" I almost covered her mouth with duct tape, but I couldn't lift my arms.

We're officially counting down the days. Only 12 more to go. My Christmas wish just might involve never having to use modge podge again. Next year I'm simply buying chocolate. At least it won't be thrown in the garbage.


Anonymous said...

I would so NOT throw these away- definitely a counter top item :)

Anonymous said...

I better be getting one of those!!!Really cute. Nice job.
I had the grand idea to make fudge the other day. How hard could it be? I even made my own marshmallow creme to stir into it. Hours later I had a huge mess of a kitchen and the worst fudge known to man. I threw it away, it has to be bad if you throw away fudge.
Your time was well spent! Everyone will love them.

Christy said...

Super cute!

Rani said...

Oh, the cuteness. Did you podge and extra for me??? :)

Queen Of The Castle said...

I so wish I was still your neighbor!!

Diane said...

I don't even know what Modge Podge is. I don't think they sell that on the east coast. They did turn out adorable!!!

Joy Hollingshaus said...

So CUTE! I want to be your neighbor!!