Saturday, June 14, 2014

Word To Your Mother

I'm Street.
Did you know?
What about rad?
For legit?
Yes. We shall go with Lame.

Words heard coming from the mouths of my offspring within the last three days:

Child #2 is walking through the house with a friend. As friend looks around, she comments, "Wow. It looks like Pinterest in here."

#2 responds: "Yah. My mom likes crafts. It's pretty much all she ever does."

Does she ever consider who does all the crappy jobs around here that everyone hates? Like laundry?


The 2 oldest had their well-check visits. I loop them together to make it easier on myself. But then they battle over who's taller, smarter and has better eyesight. It's entertainment at it's finest. And just an FYI- Teenager #2 is now officially taller than Teenager #1. Joyous dancing was involved.

After all the regular inspections, the pediatrician made me step out and then she talked to them briefly one on one. Once we were in the car, I asked what they talked about.

"Oh, you know. Just regular stuff. Like, if we do drugs."

"What did you say?"

"All day. Every day."

She said it without missing a beat. She had that answer at the ready.
I am the mother to impressive children. Wouldn't it be fun to know what that doctor wrote in her handy dandy medical chart?


The Favorite Baby Child needs her tonsils out. 5 cases of strep in 7 months will do that. We sit in the office as the doctor describes to me how the surgery will go. Child #3 doesn't stop talking. Ever. I keep my eyes concentrated on the doctor, urging him to continue with his grueling details.

#3: "Hey. My friend told me that if you are born in the month of November, you're a serial killer....That's how you say that, right?......Serial Killer?"

The doctor's eyes go wide, and I respond, "She's a gifted child. For serious."


Y'all. This is Fosters at their finest.

For legit.
See? I am Street.

Have a great weekend, Homies.

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