Friday, June 6, 2014

It's A Wrap

This morning, I drove one of the teenagers to school for her last final. This particular teenager has issues with me. High on the list is the fact that I exist. And I try to engage her in conversation. Which only fuels my imagination with ways to torment her. It's the little things in life that make me happy.

This morning I'm in my pajamas. No bra (not that it's remotely noticeable). And my hair should have been washed yesterday. I'm in top form and I silently consider my options. This is the greatest way to entertain a mother's brain. And I decide that I could totally fake running out of gas. Stranded on the side of the road. By the high school! And then we would have to walk to the school. Together.

This thought makes me so happy. Can you just picture it? Makes you smile, no? Why not start the summer with a full-blown teenager melt down? My holy heavens, I could write an expert manual on how to raise children.

The Favorite Baby Child is no longer a baby. She had her big 5th grade party. And now, just like that, elementary school is no longer. I've been through this cycle before. So I know what's coming. I have minimal time left where she actually likes me. I'm gonna soak that up.

Technically, today is the last day of school. But my expert parent self told her, "Eh. You don't have to go. Then I can sleep in." Why not give the teachers one less Foster child to deal with? It's like a gift.

And because I try to buy my children's love at any opportunity, I bought donuts for breakfast and made them Welcome To Summer goodie bags. Every now and then I'm a super darling mom. Don't worry, it rarely lasts long. And the teenagers really don't even notice.

At the end of every school year, I usually find myself thinking through this last September to June. I try not to look too closely, because that's just not healthy. But I do think about all that has come and gone. I barely survived this year. Barely. Note that I have low qualifications of "surviving".

So, if you're a mother, and you've made it through another school year, you're a champion. No matter your level of sanity.

Here's to a peaceful summer! (Clearly, I live in a dream world.)

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Candice said...

I wanna know what's in the goodie bags :)!!