Monday, June 30, 2014

The Mind Of A Crazy Lady

It's Monday morning and the house is quiet. Here's what's on my mind. In no particular order:

1. Children #2 and #3 slept over at my sister's house last night. Hence, the reason for my quiet house this morning. I'm now wondering if I can somehow enter the Witness Protection Program before they get home. You know, like, just disappear. I bet it would take them a week to even realize I was gone.

2. I forgot to wear my bra. True dat. For an entire day. And guess what? I didn't even notice a difference. Just keepin' it real.

3. I want to start a new kind of Pinterest. One for women over the age of 40. Who's with me? How many more pictures do we need to look at of grown women who lift up their shirts and take pictures of their toned tummies? It's ridiculous. Looking at your naked middle section does not inspire me to work out. In fact, it makes me eat a bag of licorice and watch TV. Duh.

4. This daughter had to dress up as Thor for the camp skit:
Even better- she wore a blonde mullet wig. Her friends all told her she looked just like her dad when she was on stage. Cha ching, that's awesome. Or not.

5. We watched The World Cup on Saturday. Child #2 is now seriously worried that all those soccer players have terrible farmer's tans.

6. And then this:
I've been walking every morning. Why? Because I'm convinced I have a disease. The "I'm over 40 and I feel like crap" disease. My brain has decided that exercise might make me feel better. Reality tells me that's just a big 'ol bunch of stupid. But I'm still giving it a go. The sunrise usually makes it worth it. For 4.3 seconds.

Enjoy your Monday.
Happy random, crazy thoughts.
And a Thor hammer.

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Heidi McQuay said...

your blog is one of my favorites. Makes me realize that I'm not alone lol
Bra thing - been there, done that.
running away from kids - been there, wanted to do that
motivated to eat cake and not exercise- been there, done that. In fact I'm eating pie and watching SYTYCD while babies are sleeping.

Thanks for helping me know I'm not crazy by myself.