Monday, June 2, 2014

What May Brings

May is such a weird month. It's the school year wrap-up. But it also becomes this never ending 'final performances, awards, banquets and parties' type of month. The last 2 weeks of school feel full-tilt crazy. Why is that?

Don't school administrators know that we parents are trying to suck up every last moment of silence? It's like they want us to come to the school and sit for 40 minutes so we can see our child get a Good Attitude award. (Which by the way, is quite shocking for any of my offspring. Every time one of my kids gets this award, I'm totally positive they got the names mixed up.)

On the flip side, I'm having these sentimental/flashback parent moments. The Favorite Baby Child is leaving elementary school. I took one of my favorite twins to eat lunch with her. As I sat in that lunch room, I realized that I will never eat lunch with one of my kids again. Parents are ragingly uncool once a child leaves 5th grade. So, I'm out of the cool club. For like, ever. That gives me serious pause. And quite frankly, a few tears.

And then, oh and then. There are my teenagers. I find myself really looking at them. I don't know why the end of the school year does this to me. But I try to take them all in. How they've grown and who they are becoming. These 2 are together a lot. And this last week, my mother heart has realized that I will only see them drive off together for one more year. That's really hard to think about.

So, I take their picture. And they find it beyond annoying. Which, of course, makes me deliriously happy. And then I cave and take them lunch to school. Oh, and when they call me and say they have a headache, I buy them a caffeinated beverage and deliver that too.

And just because May is what it is, cousins came to town. There are no words for the happiness they bring. There is a special kind of magic that happens when family is all together. I wish I could bottle it up and keep it.

And just so you don't mistakenly think we are going soft over here at the Foster house, here's what we have been "arguing" about over the weekend.

We have had full blown discussions about the official color of this cartridge. I'm totally not kidding. Magenta, Pink or Purple? I've almost had a smack down with a few people because they dared to contradict me. We're just keepin' it real around here.

Summer arrives on Friday. Just thinking about it gives me the heeby geebies.
I'm going to try and get my act together within the next 4 days. But we all know that's totally not gonna happen.

And just in case you're curious, that cartridge is purple. Don't you even dare disagree.


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