Friday, March 28, 2014

You Know You Have A Problem When

Every now and then, I decide to treat sugar like decor. It's like this impulse I can't ignore. So, I gather it all together. Well, not all of it. That would just be mountains of candy. I'm not that crazy. But I do arrange it. All lovely and such. Why? Because I can. And it looks so cute.

It's like a treat buffet at the ready. I really, super-dee-duper bad, want to line up the Reese's and stack them proper. This slight disarray is making me tense, but I'm trying really hard to lighten up. It's all about baby steps.

And then, because I can't leave well enough alone, I decide to add adornment to the candy decor.

An empty frame and my all-time favorite childhood game. Husker Du. Did anyone else play that, or was it just me? Once upon a time, I was cleaning out a cabinet in my mom's house and found it. And like all things I find at her house, I took it.

My sister saw this game the other day and did one of those gasp-shock-horror sounds. She claimed she loved this game too and demanded to know where I got it. Oh, the nerve! I told her (in my loudest, older sister voice) that it's mine. She seriously better stay away from it. About a year ago we had a show-down over the Strawberry Shortcake blanket. Don't you dare even ask who won because it's hidden in my closet.

So, the moral of the story is this:
Buy more candy. And decorate your counter with it.

That advice is free.
You're welcome.

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Pamjoc49 said...

I played Husker Du also. I forgot all about that game until you mentioned it! And if I had all that candy sitting out when my kids were younger, it wouldn't last a day! I had to hide it from them ( or try and hide it)! Don't ask them about the half a Little Debbie Snack they got in their school lunch box! They'll never let me live that down! I rationed their sweets ;)