Wednesday, April 2, 2014

March Madness

The official 'March Madness' title belongs to basketball. Right? Or is it football? I'm pretty sure it's basketball. I keep hearing about "brackets". At first I thought there was a new craze for shelf support. I mean, cute, decorative brackets are hard to find. But then Child #1 pointed out that the boys in her English class have full blown verbal battles over their "basketball brackets". Why, oh why, would you waste your oxygen talking about pretend, made-up team stats. Way weird.

Has anyone ever considered designing their brackets based on color scheme? What if you grouped teams together based on how well their outfits would look together when they play? Or, you could even pair winter-colored outfits with summer-colored uniforms. Hidden under my charm, I may just be an athletically statistical genius. Just sayin'.

But really. March is over. Does that mean that basketball is over? I honestly don't care, but now I'm getting curious. Seriously. And now it's April. What sport takes over in April? Badminton?

Here's our highlights from the madness during March:

1. I took my very first selfie. Ever.
I've never taken one. Nor have I ever googled my name.
This is me. With an atrocious bandaid. I'm fairly certain I have more skin cancer growing. So, my alarmingly gorgeous dermatologist took a biopsy. Here's my concern-- If we have the technology to make an artificial heart, we are more than capable of making bandaids to match our skin tone. I mean, honestly! At least I was wearing cute earrings and lipgloss.

2. Chia seeds are everywhere. I've noticed. They are "supposedly" healthy. Which means, I've ignored any information regarding them. In my mind, healthy equals vegetables. And vegetables are evil.

But, here's what I learned that has made me lose faith in humanity-- those stupid, healthy chia seeds, the ones I see mixed in with stuff at Costco? They're the very same seeds used on the Chia Pet!! Holy Moly, stop the world!

We made a Duck Dynasty Willie chia head over Christmas. After 3 days, it was so disgusting, I threw it away. And now. Now! I discover people are eating them. Oh, I have no words. None at all. This is the very reason why people should invest more money in chocolate chips.

3. I made a chalkboard wall in my kitchen. The children draw on it all the time. It's tender. Sweet, even.

Here's our family that the Favorite Baby Child drew:
Let's note just a couple of things, shall we? One, we don't have hair. Two, we all have our mouths open wide. Are we screaming? Yelling at one another? Shouting for help? Maybe we are all just eating slices of watermelon. Yes?

4. There is no more BBC Sherlock Holmes or Downton Abbey to watch.
Life has been drained of it's joy.

5. I found this little quote on Pinterest and sent it to Child #1. I have a strange tendency to text her lots of random things. Subconsciously, I'm hoping she will get in trouble for using her phone during class. Then I can ground her and make her stay home and talk to me.
Child #1 has decided this is now her official motto.

6. Exhibit A why Child #3 is The Favorite:

7. And last but not least:
This was on the back of the car I followed on the way to the high school today. I took a picture out my front window. So awesome.

Awesomer than chia seeds.


Kevin said...

April kicks off the Baseball season. I know, I know, you're thrilled!

Anonymous said...

I just discovered Sherlock. I'm obsessed!!

Candice said...

Ok, Sherlock is good too???!!! Hello new show :)