Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The Weather Outside Is Frightful

Winter in Texas- Exhibit A:
Icicles. Lots of them. The Favorite Child can't stop touching them in awe as she waits for the bus. And the teenagers stand at the foot of my bed at 4:50 am demanding to know why they "Just won't cancel school!"? In my dark room, even though I'm half asleep, I say a little pray of gratitude that they haven't. Sometimes, in the rarest of moments, karma is on my side.

You should have seen the teenagers when they got in the car to drive off at 5:30 am. Ice covered the front windshield. And they both just stared at it. They had no idea what to do. Let me tell you, I live for this kind of entertainment.

So I leaned way down to their eye level and talked real slow.... "Turn on the defroster."....silence....looks of confusion. I just walked back into the house. I think they turned on the windshield wipers for 10 minutes straight until the ice chipped off enough to make things visible. What terrific little problem solvers they are.

And just because the weather is terrible and frightening, I'm gifting you with some fantastic reading material. OK?

Have we discussed my obsession with award shows? Yes? No? I love them. Truly. Can't get enough. We record them so we can zip through, stop to see important dresses, pause to listen to funny parts, skip past the boring stuff and enjoy our favorite performers. It's all full to the brim with vanity and excess. It's captivating.

So, in case you live in a cave and hadn't heard, the Oscars were Sunday night. Loved. Loved. Loved. I may have coveted a bunch too. Just sayin'. And, just so you can have something to do on this very frozen day, hop over and read this fantastic Oscar review. It's amazing.

Keep Warm.

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