Friday, March 14, 2014

Day 5- The End

OK. For Reals. Can Spring Break be over now? Please? I'm calling a truce. Right now. A Tap Out. A Deal Breaker. A Peace Out. I'm serious. We gotta be done with this. The children have got to go Back. To. School! I can only handle being a gracious cruise director for so long. I need some space. And I need it now. Today.

What is the purpose of Spring Break anyway? No mother in the history of ever decided that she wanted to have the kids home for a week just because she loves being with them. I'm looking for someone to blame. I just can't pinpoint who that should be.

I've had my game face on for the last 4 days. Do you know how hard it is for me to be nice that long? It's excruciating. I've even tried to keep my sarcasm to a minimum. That has got to end today because I'm busting with things to say. Good gracious.

Just yesterday I sent a picture to Child #1 of the big, ginormous white tiger we saw at the Aquarium. She's too old to tag along on family excursions and she also had to work (and make some money, thank the holy heavens).

And after seeing the honkin' huge tiger (which, I can't even talk about how scary it was when he opened his mouth to yawn. I almost peed.) she texted back that she couldn't believe they actually let large animals like that roam around the Aquarium. For the love. She's an AP student. I had to point out that the tiger is behind glass. Oh, and I may have called her a Big Dope too.

And I also may have told a few children to shut up.
And I also may have unraveled at my hinges when Child #3 and her friend decided last night at 8:00 pm to make cupcakes.

I've lost all my sanity.
Well, that's not exactly true. That left a long time ago.
I've lost all the patience I can muster. It's all soaked right out of my pores.
I might need an intervention.
Or a padded cell.
Who wants to join me?

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