Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Would You Rather

Would you rather: Go school shopping with my 3 kids, or eat gallons of shattered glass?

Hands down easy answer. Eat. The. Glass.

Can you tell that my day has been a nightmare? One where I've been awake and I'm spending countless dollars on children who make me want to hurl myself from my moving car? Right now, at this very moment, I really, really need something. Like, hard liquor. Or Valium. Probably both.

Oh, and to make this day even more special, I was required to speak with a policeman. For reals.

I left children #1 and #2 in the car while I ran into the post office. They're old enough, they were watching a movie, and I needed distance between us. When I exited the building, Mr. Officer was waiting. I smiled at him. He asked me if I'd left my 'little' children in the car. My response: "Yup".

I let him know that they were 11 and 14. He stared into the car and said, "Really?" Again, my response (showing my true intelligence): "Yup". He in turn, told me that they looked kind of small. "I know, I get that a lot". But listen, just ask the girl sitting in the back seat--you know, the one with the super sweet scowl on her face--to open her mouth. The words, "you never listen to me!" will come tumbling right out. Then, I just know you'll believe me that she is 14 (in 4 weeks).

Official policeman assured me that they were definitely old enough to be in the car. I gave him one of my extra twinkling smiles and said, "I know".

Before he drove away, I thought about asking him if he had any shattered glass on hand. Just in case.

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Anonymous said...

Would you rather...eat shattered glass or send your kids off to their first day of school.
Today was blissful in Kentucky. I hope the first day comes quickly for you! Good luck!