Friday, August 13, 2010

Within The Walls

Do you think that houses hold memories? I tend to think that they do. Silhouettes of voices, people, events embedded within the walls. Maybe I'm the only one to think such notions. But, I really believe that a house holds a bit of soul from those who once lived within.

My mom is in Utah this week, taking care of my Grandma. She drove through my old neighborhood and snapped this quick picture on her phone. When I opened her message, it took my breath away. All of us gathered around this small picture and just gazed at the screen. We looked at it in silence.

I like the home I live in. It holds it's own set of memories. But that house feels like it holds a different life altogether. I brought each newborn through those doors. I became a mother within those walls. My babies learned to walk on those floors. Todd received two college degrees in between all the baby and toddler stages. It feels like a lifetime ago.

A new family now lives there and I live here. But even now, a quick snapshot seems to draw me back to days within those walls. I would hope that there is still a piece of Foster Circus left inside it's core. How could there not be? We tend to leave a mark wherever we go.

I wonder how I'll view future pictures of my current house? Will I be drawn to days of constant yelling and frustration? Or, will I remember smiles, laughter and moments shared together? I guess my answer remains to be seen. It lays within these walls.


Cory & Megan said...

Not going to lie, when I opened this post and saw that picture it took my breath away. It has always been interesting to me that we can drive through Cranberry Hill and somehow only remember the great times...the late night dinners, the baseball in the front yard and none of the fighting and everything else that happens in a family of 8.

Thank you for posting that picture and letting me reminisce along with you.

Kristina and Joe said...

Every time I go home I still look down that street to see if your girls are outside playing. I used to love to come by and talk to you and your girls. We also made some awesome forts in that house.

The Kikuchi's said...

A little piece of me is in those walls too! A big thank you to you and Todd for that!

Emily, Julia, and Annie said...

Oh I loved that house! Presh!