Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Secrets I Keep

There are certain things in my life that I just don't tell people. Little, white secrets I keep all to myself. I never voice them for fear that they would make me look weird. But let's be honest, not only do I look weird, I am weird. I can't let out all my secrets at once. But, I can give a few of my favorites:
  • Whenever I have to pull my van trunk door closed, I always imagine I'm giving a spin to the giant Price As Right number wheel.
  • As I walk through the house, if I see a stain, smear, smudge on the wall, I lick my fingers and wipe it off. It's my secret cleaning tool. I figure that if I don't take care of it right then, I'll forget about it. So, I use my spit. I lived in my last house for 12 years. I bet I licked that baby clean.
  • Todd has an obsession with lights and water. He constantly turns off the lights in a room that I will return to within minutes. It. drives. me. crazy. If anyone leaves the water running on the faucet, or runs the dishwasher when its not stacked to maximum capacity, he almost comes unglued. Knowing all of this about him gives me an advantage. Some days, when I'm really irritated with him, once he leaves for work I turn on ALL the lights and endlessly run the water. It makes me happy inside.
  • I think that colored socks are warmer than white socks. When my feet are really cold, I put on my socks with bright, red hearts on them. My feet are instantly warmed.
  • Odd numbers are creepy. Even numbers bring me peace.
That's enough for today. I can only reveal so many secrets at once. I wouldn't want anyone to think I was weird.


wade said...

Not to creep you out or anything, but I did want to be the first to wish you a happy "ODD" birthday in May. :)

Rani said...

Strangely, I feel so much closer to you...
Spencer and the lights -same at my house. Seriously, is it going to make that big of a difference???and dark socks DO make your feet warmer. I'm certain.

Stacie Cooper said...

Your so funny and reading your blog always makes me smile. Maybe I'll be brave and let some of my secrets out some time.

Straight Fancy said...

I don't think your secrets are that different than the ones the rest of us have...except maybe the licking...ya, that's wierd!!

penny said...

When Bethany use to Babysit for you guys she would try and clean up and do the dishes and TODDY SCOLDED HER AND TOLD HER NOT TO RUN THE DISHWASHER IF IT WASN'T FULL!!! How many babysitters try to clean up? I think she is scared for life.

Kevin said...

Shut up!!!!
I thought I was the only one that found peace in even numbers!