Monday, March 29, 2010

Be Strong And Of Good Courage

The distance from which I watch you seems to grow farther the older you become. But no matter the vantage point, I see you. I watch you grow. I notice your choices. And I love you more and more.I sat in the audience on Saturday night and watched you sing. I heard your captivating words, "Be strong and of good courage. Be not afraid. Be wise." I said a silent prayer that those words would seep into your skin and wrap themselves around every thought that guides you. Please be strong. Please have courage. And please be wise.

A mother longs for nothing more than to raise children who become good, righteous adults. Ones that are strong and know, more importantly, where that strength comes from. This desire guides all that we do. It's the reason we exist. It's what gives us a determination to keep trying.

I watch you each day as you relay all that you have witnessed and heard on the bus and in the school hallways. The world you live in is so very different than the one I knew at your age. Innocence is not an option. Your strength and courage is all you've got. So, I pray for you. That you will look deep within yourself and see all that I see. That you will be wise in the choices you make.

I try to teach you. Some lessons you seem intent on fighting, but I too must be strong and have good courage. For I am trying to steer you in the right direction. Even when you can't foresee that this is where you should be heading. I can see. And so, I continue to gently direct you back on course.

My hopes for you are endless. But the greatest of them lies within the words of your song. "Be strong and of good courage. Be not afraid." Remember these words. Let them be printed on your heart. And always, always look to Him offers the eternal reward. Hear the words He whispers and your course will forever remain true. Show your courage. Stand tall with your strength. And always Remember Who You Are.


Raquel said...

That totally made me cry.
Sammy is lucky to have you for a mom.
Love you and miss you --

Straight Fancy said...

You inspire me to be a better mom. (Which can be difficult during spring break!)

Becky Leland said...


Diane said...

That was so nice. You made me cry. Your the best!