Monday, March 8, 2010

Childhood Friends

Do you have a friend you've known almost all your life? I do. And she came to visit this last weekend. While she was here, I decided something. Childhood friends are like cupcakes. Wanna know why? Because they are simply delicious.

Raquel and I have known each other since forever. Our moms were best friends. Whenever I was mad at mine, I would walk down the street and complain to hers. Whenever I ate steak at her house, it always tasted sweeter than when I ate it at mine. One Christmas, we even got matching doll strollers. Our lives have always been mingled one with the other. Her family and mine.

When I was in high school, her mom was called home to heaven. I'm fairly certain that she was standing ready when my dad arrived. The two of them are surely working and waiting for the rest of us to get there.

The funny thing about childhood friends, is that they know you well. Your good parts AND your ugly parts. They accept you as a whole. Flaws, mistakes and all. Childhood friends can speak to your soul when they bring you presents like this:
And childhood friends bury their hands in modge podge to teach us all how to make fancy clipboards.

Childhood friends are a rare treasure. Being together brings a comfort of days past. A comfort in the knowledge of shared history and memories. Childhood friends are family. And that is definitely delicious.


Becky Leland said...

I LOVE your post (friends), the fancy clip boards , and the pictures!!!

Raquel said...

I miss the circus already! I definitley need to visit more often - I am completely smitten by your girls (yes, even Addie) and I just couldn't get enough of those twins!

Anonymous said...

What a treasure!!

cindy said...

I have known Raquel since I was ten years old, and I agree she is priceless! When we were young I was so jealous of the friendship between you two I convinced myself you didn't exist! When Raquel would talk about "Lisa" I would just smile and nod..."you have fun with your FRIEND...!"

I have to admit that NOW...I'm really glad that you do exist, both of you are pretty fabulous in my book!