Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spring Break-Texas Style

Last Friday, we drove to San Antonio to spend all of our disposable income and enjoy the last days of spring break.

This is the start of our day at Sea World. We have yet to walk 428 miles or see a 7 yr. old fall to the pavement and scream, "I need a stroller!"
Penguins seem just the right size for Addie. But, I doubt they eat as much bacon as she does.

My all-time favorite--Shamu. Best. Show. Ever.

Guess what? Mommy Shamu had a Baby Shamu in January. She gave birth to her 350 ton baby after a 17 month pregnancy. Can you imagine?!

We waited in line forever for this ride. Big inner tube. River rapids of water. We made bets on who would end up straight in the line of the waterfall. Wanna know who lost?

Todd and Kellie were so wet, they were dripping. Makell walked the rest of the park with her legs spread wide so her pants would dry. I giggled the entire way. Not a hair on my head was touched.

End of the day with souvenirs and cotton candy. Perfect ending.

On Saturday we drove downtown to the Alamo. The temperature had dropped to 49 degrees. We learned all about the famous Texas battle while our teeth chattered.

Every now and then, it's magical to just get away from your normal life and spend time together. When I'm not surrounded by my to-do list, I seem to 'see' my kids in a different light. I watch them more closely. They are more vivid. I offer more patience and they seem to smile more. Are there melt downs and sibling fighting? Absolutely. But we all seem to handle them in stride.
Some day, I'll look back and long for moments where we can all sit side-by-side on a bench. Until then, I shall savor each mile traveled and each dollar spent in our efforts to carve out family time. So long Sea World and the Alamo, thanks for the memories!


Anonymous said...

Oh what a fun trip. The only thing missing was the Powells!

Stacie Cooper said...

Looks like fun. I can remember going to the Alamo a long time ago with Emily and your dad. Tillia and I were in Texas for an EFY, found memories!

sofyaniyan said...

very fun to tour with the family. may be happy and successful.

sofyan said...

very fun to tour with the family may be happy and successful

Whit Petersen said...

Beans coat is from target huh(i have the same one)