Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Flat Stanley

My cousin Candice has 1st grader who read the book, Flat Stanley, in his class. Each student made his own Stanley at the beginning of the school year and then sent him off to travel. Flat Stanley is only allowed to stay with you for a week and then you send him off to his next home. The little man has been at our house for the last week. He has been exceptionally busy. He played tetherball. We think he liked it, even if he was a little stiff:

Stanley had a playdate with the twins. He was rather excited to be in the presence of other little people:

We shipped Stanley off yesterday to another foster home. I think he'd had about all he could take in Texas. Addie kissed him more than a few times. It pays to be a laminated man.

After our experience with Flat Stanley, it has lead me to an idea. What if I start shipping off one of my kids a week at a time? One day you may walk out to your mailbox and find Addie sitting there waiting for you. After you play with her for a week and feed her lots of bacon, then you send her to....ah.....um....my mom's house. Ya, that's the plan--my mom's house. I'll start rotating the girls each week. Instead of Flat Stanley, it'll be Find A Foster.

So, consider yourself warned. Walk to your mailbox with extreme caution. You might want to take reinforcements. And duct tape.


Anonymous said...

You are AWESOME!!!!! Wow!! Thank you sooo much for entertaining Flat Stanley for the week. Wesley was thrilled to see him on your blog :)! We love ya'll! Thanks again :)

Tana said...

Please, Tell me that you don't know my address.

Quelly said...

OH my gosh!!! Can I have Kelly first!

Suburban Hippie said...

I thinking of starting my own version of flat stanley... slighty round pablo... what do you think?

wendy said...

where do i sign up? i'm a housewife for now...sitting at home with nothing to do, except make shrek lunch & look out at the circle wistfully...i'll be sitting out by my mailbox! love & miss ya!