Monday, April 27, 2009

Driving To Church

Along the way to church yesterday, I am pulled over by a police man. Todd is in the passenger seat and tells the kids that the cop saw them standing up in the back and now he is going to hall them away. Addie becomes terrified, Makell is thrilled.

Police officer: "Ma'am, were you aware that you're brake light is out?"

Me: "No. But I'm sure the kids did it."

Police officer smiles slightly.

Me: "I saw you smirk, which means that you have kids and you know I'm right."

Police Officer: "Do you have your license and registration?"

Me: "See, here's the thing--I don't."

Police Officer: "You don't have you're license?"

Me: "Nope. But I'll bet you can look me up."

Police Officer looks in the back at my girls who are asking him if he has a gun and giggling.

Me: "Alright, let's make a deal. You can write me a ticket for ANY offense for ANY size fine, if you will just take one kid."

Police Officer starts giggling (how often does that happen)...."I'll be right back ma'am."

Police Officer returns with his notepad--"OK, I'm going to give you two warnings. Just sign here by the X."

Me: "So, once I sign, that means you're taking a kid. Right?"

Again, he giggles. Then, Makell proceeds to shove her head out the window and say, "I like to drive fast, I'll go with you." Now the police officer stares in silence. While he is staring at Makell, Addie pushes forward and says, "hey, how come you have on a cowboy hat?" Police officer tips his hat at her and says, "it's part of my outfit".

Me: "Now do you see why I want you to take a kid?"

Police Officer: "Enjoy the rest of your day ma'am."

As we pull away and start driving, I here Makell say, "he's sweet." And Addie responds, "ya, not sour."


Anonymous said...

OH MY GOSH!! Too dang funny! I want to go on a l-o-n-g road trip with you guys- it would make me smile, I am sure :)

Rani said...

That is THE greatest! Thank goodness you got a NICE TX cop...some are not so sweet...more on the sour side.

Amanda Holbrook said...

How is it you are so funny! I always laugh when I read your blog. Then I think I always leave you a comment and tell you that. haha I have been pulled over twice since I have lived here in the last year and both times they officer gave me a warning. That's impressive! But, dang for you, they didn't take a kid, did they? :)

Simpson Family said...

Best way I have ever heard of getting out of a ticket! I am using this one. Even a police officer could not handle the drama that comes along with only 1 of my children. Love it!