Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Behold Our Bounty

Before you start your applause, you should know that this is our second harvest. Our first picking produced 3 peas. This time around we doubled our yield. Impressive, I know. We had a feast with these peas. Stuffed ourselves silly.

Before you get jealous of our gardening skills, you must remember that I married a farmer. That gives us an advantage. He doesn't look like a farmer on the outside. But when you peel away those Banana Republic shirts, the Cole Haan shoes and the salon styled hair, there is a guy that loves plants. It's quite cute actually. The first thing he does when he comes home from work, is a plant check up. I watch him from the window sometimes. He's out there in his office attire checking on all his green foliage. Toiling away. I secretly think he lays in bed at night wondering about which plants aren't doing well. So tender.

When our third harvest comes around, I'll probably need to invite some of you over. Our bounty may be abundant. What if we actually get 20 peas? That'd just be crazy.


Kristin said...

I'm impressed. I didn't plant peas, but I've yet to see more than a tiny green ball on my tomato plants. Maybe I should've married a farmer.

Anonymous said...

crazy that you have a harvest already!! I just planted a few seeds. By Aug. maybe we'll have something!

Suburban Hippie said...

I am super dooper impressed.

I would be happy if a plant survived for a week - expecting it to bear fruit is out of my realm of reality.

Rani said...

Totally awe inspiring! I just posted a pic of my measley little gardening experiment...but must admit I'm a touch proud that something actually GREW! And from now on it's Farmer Todd, man! Love it!

Boog said...

Word of advice... Now that T-Bone is farming again, don't follow him if he asks to take you to the holler'

Congratulations on your bountiful bounty. Can we come live with you if there is a flood?