Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I'm suffering over here. I've been boo hooing righteous tears for two days straight. Pretty soon I'm going to start wailing. I'm not kidding.

I'm in quite the pickle with my teeth. One tooth in particular. I've been to two dental appointments this week already. The consensus is I might need a root canal. On a tooth that has already had. a. root. canal! It's ridiculous. This news comes after I just paid to have a crown put on a different tooth. Every time I open my mouth, I have to pay the dentist $500. I'm thinking I should just keep my mouth shut. Man, wouldn't that just be Todd's lucky day.

I'm on some crazy strong antibiotic. I decided to read the side effects paper this morning. It listed a section that began with 'WARNING!', which I thought was super interesting. Then it went on to describe how this medicine can cause diarrehea so severe that it can be fatal. What the?! Honestly? I had no idea you can die from diarrehea, did you? Note to Todd--if I meet an untimely death and diarrehea is the cause, please don't tell anyone. Tell our family and friends that I withered away in service to others and so I was translated. Like Enoch.


My computer is dead. At this very moment I am typing on my mom's computer. She has a PC. I own a MAC. Just using her keyboard feels like a betrayal of some sort. Todd has tried to work his magic and got nothin'. I've tried speaking kind words to my computer, I've prayed for it and I might have even promised to make it brownies. But alas, nothing has worked. I now have to take it to the 'Genius Bar' at the Apple store. Does it make me a moron if I have to go to the genius bar?

I have realized something over these last 2 days without internet access--I am of the world. It's true. I have nibbled my nails down to nubs just fretting over reading my email and catching up on all my blogs. I don't think I've slept well either. Without sitting at my computer, I've had all this free time that I've had to like clean the bathrooms and stuff. So irritating. Yup. Of the world. I hope this doesn't change my status for when I'm translated.


Suburban Hippie said...

I seriously hate going to the dentist. My BP shoots way up when I go in... serious panic attacks. Sorry about your teeth :(

I also can't stand it when something is up with our internet - seriously, it was the worst part of Ike.

Becky Leland said...

okay, you are the best! You have to write a book! I love the way you describe things.

hope you get your teeth and computer fixed!!!

Tana said...

This is worse than the hurricane. NO Internet? And dental? How much can one girl take?

wendy said...

well, u know us...we live in a PC world, but if u were still here, we could lend you one of the 6-8 we have running in the house. i guess since we don't have kids...we have substituted with computers. we're just a couple of geeks. so sorry about your mac...i've been to the genuis bar once, it was an interesting experience...i bet u will blog about it ;) and to make you feel better about your tooth...try having them tell you they need to break the crown you just paid for, give you a root canal, replace the crown...and oh wait, you have used up all your insurance for the year, so that will be $1400! (i think i told u that story...and i never told shrek that i had to spend that kind of $, in december no less, on my bad teeth) i wanted to cry :*( just like i do when i think about u not living here...miss u all soooo much!!!

Hannah said...

Unfortunatley, i did know you coudl die from Diharia,some kind of dehydration thing. Yuck. Sorry about the root canal...:(