Tuesday, August 5, 2008

We're Hunkered

Tropical Storm Eduardo is upon us. He has been nice to us and lowered the temperature to a reasonable level. Thank you Eduardo.

For the last couple of days the news stations have adamantly told me to get prepared. So, I asked around. "What exactly am I supposed to do to be prepared?" I received various responses:
  • "Tropical storm winds are only about 60 miles an hour, no big deal. Just make sure you have water and batteries." OK. What exactly are the batteries for? I'm assuming they are for my TV remote. Whew.
  • "Bring in everything from outside." "Oh, you mean, my kids bikes?" "No, I mean you're patio furniture." Huh.
I went to the store yesterday to make sure we are stocked with essentials. I picked up an extra large bag of peanut M&Ms, licorice, Hershey bars, toothbrushes, cheeze-its, and bread. Oh, and I grabbed a pack of gatorade on the way to the check out. Once I had all my candy in my cart, I felt secure.

Now we're hunkered down, and I am oh so prepared. Todd's employer told everyone to stay home. It is so fantastic to have someone else referee the craziness around here. There is a downside though, he keeps following me around and turning off the lights in every room I have stepped into. Dang irritating. When I'm hunkered down, I would like some lights on! Within the hour, he and I are going to have a come-to-Jesus discussion.

So, don't fret over us. Wind, rain and peanut M&Ms. All is well....


Becky Leland said...

Lisa, I LOVE your blog! You really should write a book - you certainly keep the attention and interest of your readers!

Hope everyone is okay and enjoying the M&M's and all the family togetherness.

Love y'all.

Tana said...

Why does being in a Tropical Storm sound like so much fun! I'm coming to your house!

Bruce said...

Lisa you crack me up! Get out your bananna leaf hat and flowered shirt...kick your feet up and enjoy the rain. While eating your treats of course. Make sure you have bad posture so your head is low so it won't be taken off by flying debris.