Friday, August 8, 2008

Two Words

I have two words for you--'School Shopping'. Who knew that two little words could send a shiver a fear through your body? School shopping is a painful experience. I think I'd rather be tasered.

We bought school shoes yesterday. Again, I repeat, I'd rather be tasered. The first problem with school shopping is that it always occurs in August, the month where you have finally reached the peak of your patience with summer vacation. You can feel the tension in the air. I looked at all the other mothers at Target and realized that at any moment, one of us could snap.

Why is it that children argue and fight while you force them to try things on? Good heavens, I'm spending money on you, and I have to fight with you about it!! Hello!? I did have the thought yesterday that we should have been pioneers. They only owned two shirts.

Here is a glimpse of the scene in the shoe isles--Addison is doing cartwheels, Makell is racing with the shopping cart, and Sam is whining that I won't buy her strappy high heeled sandals for school--she adamantly exclaims, "I can totally wear these in gym class." The insanity reached high levels, and I had visions of popping their heads right off. Not all the way off of course. Just like a Pez dispenser. Long enough to find some serenity.

I think I need valium. Buckets of it. I'll share with all the other mothers at Target.


Kerri said...

Ohhhh, I am so there with you!

Those shoes sure are cute though!

Chrissy, said...

Hi I'm a friend of Penny Colemans and she said I have to read your blog it is so fun and cute. I agree. I went to target this week and ended up with two pairs of rain boots for the two little girls that don't even need shoes. What is wrong with this picture? Somehow I think they will get worn all winter with everything that they don't match and I'm good with that.

Bethie said...

I'm going to agree with Sam on that one. Its a strategy: wear the wrong shoes, twist your ankle, get to sit out the rest of class. Plus its Texas. Everything's big there.

penny said...

O.k. back to school shopping is not for the faint of heart, but at least you weren't at your mothers wedding. I did look like a Pez candy dispenser and I did need valium. The cute Chrissy who posted is more than a friend she is my cousin. She has cute blog and looks just like her picture.

Tillia said...

Oh the joy of uniforms!!! I did my shopping on line at the uniform shop it was very peaceful!!!

Tana said...

I think it's impressive that you even took a picture later. I can't shop with my peach. I consider "MOM" a swear word when said in public.