Friday, August 1, 2008

Sister Day

Several years ago, we started a tradition of having 'Sister Day' on August 1. It's a day that I force these girls to celebrate having each other. This morning I told them to hug and kiss each other and they looked repulsed. Ah, such love. On Sister Day we have lots of fun and I tell them that they can't fight with each other (that lasted 0.08 milliseconds today).

We went to a glow-in-the dark miniature golf course. It was serious fun. We had lunch at the mall, bought a few school clothes, and I listened to Samantha ask me over and over again why she can't wear a padded bra. I guess my explanation of "you don't have any boobs", just didn't cut it.

You know, there are those few moments (usually late at night, when they are asleep) that I just look at these 3 faces and realize that I need these little people in my life. I need them just like I need air to breathe. They are the essence of who I am.

Before typing this post, I dropped Addie off at a friends house to play. As soon as she stepped out of the car, all the tension just drained right out of my body. I think because I was so relaxed, I was able to really look at these pictures with loving eyes.

Addie just called me on the phone (she has been gone for a total of 18 minutes)-- "Ya, mom. So...like...I'm just really missing you and we are going to come and play at our house."

FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THINGS HOLY! Are you kidding me? I think this girl has some internal alarm that tells her that I am sitting quietly by myself. How dare she allow that to happen.

For the remainder of Sister Day, I going to rub my genie lamp and try to conjure up my sister to come and watch over my flock so that I can run to a place far, far away.


Wanda said...

Lisa---Your girls are so beautiful and I absolutely love your posts!!!You are so honest and so-so-so entertaining--I get disappointed when you miss a day not posting something!!!! I loved the Todd story-so cute!!! Love-
Aunt Wanda

Jenn said...

1. I think I want to hire you as a writer. Seriously. You sleigh me w/ every single one of your posts!

2. You need to keep a list of all the amazing things you do with your girls so when I'm 45 and having my first child i can just use your checklist and write them off as my own originality.

Anonymous said...

Love sister day. Maybe I should try sibling day. No Way!!! It's the end of summer and all the luvin' is gone. Maybe in the spring I'll feel like doing Sibling Day. A week and a half til school starts, Can't wait!

Becky Leland said...

Lisa, Your 3 girls are so pretty! All 3 have the BIG,BLUE and BEAUTIFUL Ginn eyes!

I love your blog!

Love y'all.

The Kikuchi's said...

They are so stinkin cute! But I'm sorry but you may need a little more than a genie lamp!

Tillia said...

I am so going to steal your idea of sisters day. Only poor coleman might feel left out. Oh well he tells me everyday that lifes not fair and that the girls get everything. Yea right! My bank account tells me otherwise.

Love ya