Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Do you think that in the history of 'First Days of School', that there has ever been a mother who fell over unconscious when her kids stepped onto the bus? I'm sure there is a record somewhere. Or, maybe they don't keep a record because the list would have a gazillion names on it.

Yesterday was the first day of school, and by golly it was fantastic. For the first time in 12 years, EVERYONE went to school!....let me pause for a second and steady myself before I fall over....I couldn't even post these pictures yesterday because I was so wrapped up in all the quietness. Freakishly quiet. I could actually think--hello!, do you know how great that is? I think I had forgotten that I could use my immense intelligence to do something other than yelling (uh, I mean, tenderly speaking) at my kids.

School is a gift from Jesus to all mothers. He knows our job is hard, so what does He do? He sends them off to school. But, I have decided that Jesus loves mothers in Texas more than mothers in Utah. Here, in the Lone Star state, He gave me ALL DAY Kindergarten.

What am I going to do with myself now, you ask? This is what I've come up with so far: pee by myself (such a new experience), read my People magazine (uh, I mean, the Ensign) on the couch instead of hiding in my closet, turn the TV to a show that has grown-ups in it, clean the kitchen--and it will stay clean!, beg Todd to come home so we can go to a movie.

The possibilities are endless. I'm speechless. I have glee.
I'm off to enjoy my quiet....


Anonymous said...

You and I definetly picked the right states to move to as far as all day kindergarten. I only wish we were in the same state so that we could go to a movie. Oh, Wait, I still have one at home. Boo! Okay in 5 years I'll go to a movie. Happy Happy day for you!!!!

quiet grace said...

I can't tell you how completely jealous I am that you have all three in school! I can't tell you how jealous I am that you can pee by yourself without children watching, commenting, crying, etc.!! I have 2 more years to go. Congrats to you!!

Tana said...

What a wonderful thing that school is. After you spend 2 hours shopping for the exact color of file folders then they get to school and stick everything in a communial bin. "And it starts again" Can't wait til next week!

Tillia said...

You definitely win the prize for most excited mom, have fun with all your alone time.

Quelly said...

Jesus does love you Sister Foster - very, very much.

enjoy your alone time on your throne.

With love,

Your Fellow Qeen ---

Amanda Holbrook said...

"School is a gift from Jesus"... YES!!! I love that. You are the best.