Monday, November 3, 2014

October 8

I have 2 favorite writers that I stalk. I mean, "follow". And one of them always hosts one of those link-up kind of parties at the end of every month. You're supposed to list all that you've learned in the last 30 days. The quirky and the serious. But here's what's so funny-- I'm old enough that I'm starting to forget what I learned during the month. Ya? Who's with me?

As of this morning, here's what I can remember. Get ready, good stuff (not really):

1. The Husband is officially disgusted with my inability to use my iphone to it's maximum potential. He has gone so far as to stamp his foot like a girl and claim, "That's it! I'm getting you a Motorola flip phone." Ouch.

So, this is the deal. I have 3 apps on my phone. Oh yes, just 3. I use them sparingly. Basically my iphone is used to text my kids, my sister, and the 3 friends I have. And to store my pictures. I loooovvveeee me some pictures. As proof, I just checked and I have 2,275 currently. Right now, on my phone. I'm pretty sure all my gigs/storage/spacey stuff is used just for that.

And don't you dare bring up the Cloud! I have issues. Deep issues. I am NOT uploading all my pictures to The Cloud!!!!!! I've decided it's not even real. A hoax. It's just sending all your personal information into thin air. Geez, that's so dumb.

2. Just in case you're wondering, because now you know my picture total status. I just checked my kindle (the one I "borrowed" from my mom 4 years ago) and I have 412 books downloaded onto that baby. Good heavens, that just gives me goose bumps. I am a rock star! Who reads a lot. Oh, and takes pictures.

3. Speaking of pictures, here's one:
Every Sunday before church, The Husband gathers wintergreen life savers and puts them in his suit coat pocket. So he can have a snack during worship services. It's totally adorable in a little boy sort of way.

4. You know I heart Pinterest. Like, bunches. But, did you know that I have never opened an account? I don't even know if that's the right word. I have a snarky, obsessive personality and I just know that all my focus would drain into pinning and categories and more pinning.

5. Speaking of Pinterest. I have an issue. Take a deep breath. Let's discuss.
I'm getting irritated with the need to post exercise motivation quotes. Come on people, it's weird. Be honest. Sure, exercise is a good thing. But, seriously? It's reached the same annoying scale of the "stand-in-a-wheat-field-and-photograph-my-pregnant-belly".

Just think if we could channel that motivation into something, oh I don't know, more real life? What about parenting? Or grocery shopping? What about quotes to help me get through homework battles with my teenager? Pah-Leaze! There just has to be more to life than working on your desire to go running. I'm sure of it.

6. Speaking of real life. You won't, simply won't, believe what happened just last week. Shield your heart and eyes:
I got a new batch of acorns delivered to me by the hands of a beautiful 6 year old. So I placed them with my other collected acorns. And after a few days, a creature hatched. Do you see it down there at the bottom of the picture? Oh, glory heavens. I started screaming. For reals. My acorns had been defiled!!

I spread them all onto a tray and cleaned them. And threw out the offending acorns. Trust me, this is serious business. Clearly I think exercise motivation is just foo-foo stuff. But acorns? Serious, serious, stop the world stuff. I am so on top of my priorities. I'm not even going to tell you that I have spent hours hot gluing the tops onto the bottoms, just so they don't lose one another. I think it's a sickness.

7. And just for fun, this is what the Baby Child does when she's bored. Total adorb-zies:

8. And let it be written, that this month, I no longer feel 43. I feel like I'm 80. Is that normal? Maybe I'll ask Pinterest.

Welcome to November.
The month where mothers everywhere realize they have to start Christmas shopping. Holy heavens, that's depressing. No wonder I feel like I'm 80.


Stamp With Linz said...

Are you talking about that egg-looking yellow thing? What IS that? I'm weirded out too! And thanks for clarifyiing the Pinterest thing because I have always wondered why I can't find your boards. NOW I know.

Happy Christmas shopping!

Ashley Wells said...

Pinterest does that for A LOT of people! (Me included at times...)

Anonymous said...

Soul sister...I love acorns too!! I dozens in a glass candle holder surrounding a candle.