Monday, November 24, 2014

A Snowflake Sick Day

The Baby Child woke up Friday morning and proclaimed that she was sick and not going to school. I tried arguing with her for a few milliseconds, but I fizzled out half-way into my argument.

She's the child that you don't want getting sick. Ever. She doesn't handle it well. My other kids lay on the couch and watch TV. Not this girl. She buckles down and gets busy, not matter how much her throat hurts. It's weird. By the time she told me she was too sick for school, she was shoving flour and water into a balloon to make a "stress ball". What?

My To Do list for the day was miles long. And included errands that I couldn't have tag along children. And now I was faced with a Child who can't sit still when she's sick. So, the only thing left to do was craft. It's the logical conclusion. Of course.

I spent a small amount of time really stressed about all the things I wouldn't get done. But at some point, I just let it go. And I was just with her. In the strangest of ways, the day turned into something magical. We ran some errands. I left a few out. And we made snowflakes. Ordinary, gigantic snowflakes.

She had seen them on Pinterest the week before and showed them to me. So we spent the day figuring out how to make them. Then we hung them from the ceiling in the kitchen. Along with a cheap box of ornaments she picked out at Hobby Lobby. A day beautifully spent.

So, the next time you're faced with a sick day, make it your own. Take those hours and make them a gift of time. The ordinary can so easily become the extraordinary. And any time spent crafting (or doing puzzles!) is never wasted :)

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