Friday, November 14, 2014

Hang Up Your Thankful

Let's speak truth for a minute, shall we? Here's the thing. I'm a crafty gal. You know this, I know this. But for some reason, (ok, many reasons) I rarely post that part of my life here. First off, I'm always worried about the awesome dude readers. They're my fave. Actually, they are the ones that talk to me most about what they read here. It cracks me up and shocks me. Every single time.

And then there's the pictures. I don't have a fancy camera. Just my iphone (the only reason I have it). And what if you think it's dumb? Or I'm weird? The list goes on.

But there's this craft that I actually took pics of along the way. And I've had it stored on my phone for some time. Today I'm throwing it up here on a whim. Sorry dude readers. You're still the bomb. If you actually decide to make this craft, hunt me down and tell me. For reals. I'll even use my phone to take your picture.

Here's what you'll need: Material, small embroidery hoops and chipboard letters.

Start by placing the fabric in each hoop. There's no fancy way to do this. Just clip it on. Tight. Then cut around the edges. I picked a fabric that I wouldn't have to worry about straight lines or following a pattern direction.

Turn over each hoop and hot glue the remnant edge inside the hoop.

Hot glue your letters on the hoops.

In order to hang these up, you need to string them together. Any twine or string will work. This white/gold stuff I had on hand. Make sure the length is very long and just start looping around each hoop screw top. Make sure each hoop is placed evenly apart.

I hung mine above my kitchen sink. You could hang them anywhere, really. Just use nails to secure the string. I actually tied the string around the nails. The garland is a little heavy.

Voila! I added spool and pom pom garlands on top, but you could just leave it plain. And you can pick any word to hang up. Your last name? Your favorite word? (by the way, mine is 'kerfuffle').

Now. I command you to craft this weekend. Get to it.
I'll be painting Child #3's bedroom. Pray for patience.


Anonymous said...

STOP IT!! That is SOOO cute!Thanks for the inspiration!

Phil and Ashlee said...

I'm in love with this Lisa. You just opened my mind up to so many possibilities. I have decorated Owen's room with embroidery hoops/fabric but never would've thought of this. This is what I'll be doing during nap time instead of cleaning. Thank you!

Stamp With Linz said...

Love. Like LOVE love.

Mary Ann said...

Love it! Miss you guys!!

Emily, Julia, and Annie said...

I love it!!!! You=crafting genius!!