Tuesday, November 18, 2014

A Question, An 'I Told You So' and A Confession

Question: Do people, regular people, really spend countless hours creating the Thanksgiving table decor I keep seeing all over the internet? I'm being serious. Like, for reals. Beautiful dishes are one thing. That I can understand. But glittered woodland creatures? Hand-dipped pine cones? I don't get it. And I'm crafty!

But people, it's just a big dinner. With pie at the end. I'm really lost on this one. Pinterest is even sending me table ideas directly into my email. What? You wanna know what I really need? Um, I need ideas on how to get teenagers to speak like they're normal. LOL.

I Told You So: Musical auditions have begun. In our house, that's a crazy big deal. And here's what's so funny-- they have to sing AND dance. This now falls on the shoulders of the child who refused to continue dance lessons when she was younger. Oh, how I begged and pleaded. I even said, "You'll wish you never quit one day." I probably even said it with my outside voice.

And today, as she's practicing these dance moves, I'm right. There are not enough words to describe the joy. It's a scrapbook moment. I've got to start being right more often, because this feels amazing!

A Confession: The other night, I couldn't sleep. Like, Restless Leg, couldn't sleep. Except, it was more of a Restless Body. It was making me crazy. So, I got this idea. "I'll do some jumping jacks."

It's around 3:00 am, my house is pitch dark and I decide to stand in my family room and jump some jacks. Guess what? After 6, I peed my pants.

It doesn't get any truer than that.
Clearly, jazzercise is not in my future.

Happy random Tuesday.
Keep your jumping jacks behind closed doors.


Stamp With Linz said...

NICE confession!!!!
I sure love you lady...oh and an answer- because decorating a table is FUN!

Mollie Sibre said...

I think I may have peed my pants just laughing about you doing jumping jacks at 3 am and peeing!! Of course after having three girls that's just apart of life. I love your blog and look forward to your new posts and read old posts to get my fix while waiting for a new post. Thanks for keeping it for-reals!!