Friday, February 6, 2009

Does She Look Sick?

Makell has the flu. Can you tell? The picture is blurry because she is skating up the sidewalk in her Heelys. A really high fever. Totally obvious, right?

I am the kind of mom that loves a good fever. It slows them down. My kids NEVER sit still or stop talking, so a temperature of 102 is a welcomed friend. They will actually lay on the couch and watch TV like normal children. You people who have kids that will do that on a regular basis (without force), don't know how good you've got it. Fevers are my friend.

Yet, Makell has had a high fever for 2 days and she hasn't even wavered. She has had a few moments where I have found her just laying on the floor, but she pops back up within 10 minutes. I keep telling her that I think she needs to take a nap (cross my fingers, please, please, please). She then tells me that she needs to play tetherball.

Yesterday I went upstairs to clean the bathrooms. I assumed that Kellie was too sick to get into any trouble while she was unattended. While I was out of her sight, she tried to cook a stack of frozen tortillas on the pancake griddle. As I have been typing this post, she gathered all the loose change that we keep in an empty jar and rolled it all up in her shirt. She has now found a stack of safety pins and secured her money roll in her shirt so that she can just walk around with it. She jingles when she jumps. Ya, she's really sick. Maybe I'm the one who needs the fever.


wendy said...

broken record...oh how i miss you all so much!!!!!!

Penny said...

I am so tierd of this fever yuck! Gage and Maddi have had it too. They did lay down for a while, then they went to play out side. Do you think it is a side effect of the fever?!!

The Zoo Keeper-ette said...

Hey, we do the money in the shirt thing at our house too- I love knowing we are at least as normal as your crew!! Well, maybe on a good day :) Hope the fever is gone soon! Love yall!

Becky Leland said...

Makell is soooo cute! Hope she's feeling better - sounds like she is still up and running.

Rani said...

Has it been the appropriate amount of fever-free time yet??? School anyone??? Oh, yeah...it's Friday. Better luck next week!

Tana said...

You poor thing. How do they do it? I sneeze and I need a nap.