Saturday, February 28, 2009

Chain Of Command

The tooth fairy system at our house has gone haywire. Somehow the chain of command has been switched. In the olden days, the child left the tooth and was sweetly excited to receive a teeny weeny quarter the next morning. Here at the circus, where all things run crazy, the children have started commanding the tooth fairy to leave her money in the kitchen. Oh yes, in the kitchen, because they are too dang lazy to walk their tooth upstairs to their room. Oh, like maybe as they are walking up to go to bed. Crazy thought. That tooth is so heavy its just too hard to carry. So, my kids now let the fairy know to leave the money at the table and go.

The first note was left a couple of weeks ago by Addie. Remember, she's afraid of the fairy and doesn't want him (yes, she thinks the fairy is male) anywhere near her room...so she left him a note:

I'm not positive of the exact wording, but I know that she mentions she really likes the tooth fairy, she wants to keep her tooth and "please leave me some money". Well, at least she kindly asked for her cash....

Makell yanked her tooth out during class the other day. She decided that she too would rather receive her allotment in the kitchen as well:

Again, witness the kind manners when commanding that the money be left downstairs. How has the tooth fairy turned into an ATM? Curious. I think I might try leaving notes for Todd, "so please give me the money! thank you a lot." I'll let you know how it goes. If I'm successful, I'm moving on to Nana. She loves notes. Especially those taped with a tooth at the top.


Suburban Hippie said...

We told our kids that the tooth fairy is too old to be digging under pillows anymore and that they needed to leave it in the kitchen... the tooth fairy could not remember the tooth unless she saw it frequently :(

Anonymous said...

It was my birthday on saturday!!!

quiet grace said...

My daughter made me "call" the tooth fairy and tell her not to come into her room, but just stay downstairs. My kids are so brave!!

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure the tooth fairy at our house would have better luck rememberinf if we left the tooth in the kitchen. Once again you're a genious!

Amanda Holbrook said...

I wish our tooth fairy left in the kitchen! How convenient for her!

Haha! I love the tooth taped to the top. That is one of the funniest things!