Sunday, February 1, 2009

Accessories Mark A Winner

Football is funny. Kinda stupid, but mostly funny. Tight pants, lots of shoving, and in the end, you get a pretty ring. Sounds like The Bachelor, but whatever.

I pick my team based on fashion. I had no idea who was playing in the big game today, but I did check out their color scheme. Red and yellow are lovely colors. At first glance it was hard to choose, so it all came down to the details:
  • First off, your team can score some serious negative points when you wear white pants. A-it's after Labor Day, and B-it's immodest and that's not choosing the right.
  • Accessories are always the clincher. The yellow team had WAY cuter shoes. I think I even noticed a little patten-leather. Very nice touch with just a hint of flair.
  • If the shoes weren't the tipping point, it all came down to the gloves. You had to be paying attention because not every player wears them, only the little boy who catches the ball. Again, yellow team wins big for fancier gloves.
By the end of the first 10 minutes in the game, I had the winner finalized in my mind. The most fashion forward team always wins. It's just the law of the universe. Just think how pretty those new rings are going to look when paired with their canary yellow tights. Dazzling.


Tana said...

I chose by names. Hard core, American, Union Workers against a flock of birds or perverted Catholic priests. It's a toss up.

Suburban Hippie said...

LOVE it!

chillywillyk said...

again...thanks for the laughs! we watched the game in your old house yesterday...looks so different though, which helped me forget where i was and who i was missing :((( oh, and u know the wine i was drinking helped me forget, too ;) but when the new jen said she didn't know who to root for, i told her she could fall back on what team colors she preferred. how ironic! miss u all soooooooo much!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I could so care less anout football and i'm thrilled to say I saw none of the game, nor did my hubby. I do like the commercials though.

wade said...

You had me laughing in the first paragraph. And I think I now have a reason to start watching The Bachelor if it's anything like football. Gives new meaning to "first down and ten to go".