Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Cousin Love

Tyler (my brother), Vicki and the girls came to visit over the weekend. We had crazy fun. They live in Chicago, so our Houston weather was quite a reprieve. Cousins played, adults held babies, and we all sat around and talked. Perfect.

Maya, Addie, Kate
If they got any cuter I could eat them.

We went to a safari park and fed animals from our car.
This is Todd feeding a Texas Longhorn.

Tyler and his girls feeding the camels.
Right before this, Tyler had a showdown with a buffalo who wanted his bucket of food. He held on with all his might and beat the 1 ton hairy animal. I stand in awe.

My sister Emily's twins.
Tyler and Vicki's baby Tess.
These 3 were born just 2 days apart. Hard to tell, ain't it?
Vicky calls them rare, medium and well done.
And yes, Tess' hair is even more fantastic in person!

Cousin Love


Suburban Hippie said...

Having family around is the BEST!

Stacie Cooper said...

I love the pictures, all those adorable girls and that Tess' hair, I just want to run my fingers through it!

Amanda Holbrook said...

This is a really cute post. The cousins are all so cute together! It sounds like the best time! I am glad you were able to spend time with family!

Anonymous said...

Looks like a fun time for all. Yesterday Josh and I were in the car and he asked if the Fosters were ever going to come visit??

Jenn said...

aggghhh -- that is the best post ever. so many clazzy ladies up in there. what a treat...i'm jealous i missed tyler and vicki! the girls are all so cute, tho!

Maren said...

oh my goodness. Look at all those girls! Man! That is a lot of future shoes purchases.

Taryn said...

Oh my Goodness! How does Nana live with herself, with all of these precious girls. So many things to buy for so many cute girls! Doesn't Kirk have the only boy in the bunch!? Poor kid. it looks like you guys had a blast. I'm so glad the longhorn didn't hurt any of the girls. Longhorns are usually pretty nasty. I would know I'm a Sooner! :)

Tillia said...

All those girls just couldn't be more cute!

Simpson Family said...

Holy cow! At a Ginn reunion the boys just as well stay home. Aren't they outnumbered like 47 to 1, and that's the way we like it!