Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I've heard that the '25 Random Things' is all the craze on Facebook. I myself have yet to ever log onto Facebook for fear of becoming addicted to finding new friends. Todd scours Facebook every day. He says he just takes a 5 minute look, but after he sent me a muffin recipe he found in his Facebook travels, I'm thinkin' he spends a few minutes more than that.

A writer for the Houston newspaper even wrote 25 random things about our city. Each item talked about how darn random Houston is. And the fact that EVERY time you decide to drive on the freeway, all 5 million Houston residents decide to do the same thing.

I've wondered if I even know 25 random things about myself. Or more importantly, that I haven't already told everyone. So, I thought I would give it a shot:

1. My eyes are getting wrinkly. It bugs me.
2. I think a law should be created to ban the use of fake flowers outside in the yard. Do. Not. Do. It. Ever....Even at Christmas.
3. Camping makes me cry.
4. I've been to Singapore, China, Korea and Thailand. I went when I was 13. This was the first and only time in my life that I saw a chicken plucked by an elderly woman with no teeth.
5. I think that anyone who can not remove the Christmas lights from their house by February is mentally challenged.
6. I have a fear that my kids will get kicked out of school.
7. I have no patience. For anything. Shocking I know, but true nonetheless.
8. I lay in bed at night and search my brain for a way to have a limosine window installed in my van.
9. I think that children with learning disABILITIES are often misunderstood and underestimated. Even by their parents.
10. There is a small little nook in my heart that can only be filled by really, really cute shoes. Sometimes cupcakes work too.
11. I think that Todd was sent from heaven just for me. Poor guy.
12. I live by my self-proclaimed motto: "If they don't kill me today, they will try again tomorrow."
13. Eating the same dessert two nights in a row is a sin.
14. When I was a Cougarette at BYU, my padded bra was so huge that my parents didn't recognize me.
15. If you are a person who doesn't complain about your kids, we simply can't be friends.
16. I miss my Utah friends and the mountains.
17. When I was in high school, I think I lied once to my parents. Ok, maybe twice.
18. I don't have enough faith. I have prayed for Heavenly Father to give me more money and it hasn't worked.
19. Sometimes when Todd is singing, I want to choke him. Gently of course, so it won't leave a mark.
20. I would like to speak portuguese.
21. My biggest secret--I adore my children. Lots.
22. I don't think there is anything wrong with yelling. Its a talent to be perfected. Like playing the piano.
23. I stop the microwave on an even number.
24. I'm not as uptight as I appear. For reals.
25. I wish I owned a taser.

Your turn.


Kristin said...

You were a Cougarette, huh? Awesome! It was fun to learn some new things about you. I am avoiding Facebook for the same reason you are. Fun blogs like yours are the only time leecher I can afford right now. :)

The Hollingshaus House said...

You'd like FB---really. I'd be your friend there....Love your 25 list. Very fun and interesting. Write a list of another 25 things tomorrow please!

Kerri said...

You MUST join Facebook! You may never sleep or shower again but it's the BEST!

Anonymous said...

You are awesome, as usual!! And no, I haven't gone on Facebook for the same reason :) See, maybe there is a method to our madness :)

Suburban Hippie said...

I agree - you must join Facebook... then you could read my random things and I just know you can't sleep without knowing what they are.

Tillia said...

love all your 25 things!

Simpson Family said...

Well here is a news flash for ya--consider me mentally challenged! Here it is almost March, and our Christmas lights are not down yet. Oh well, i say! It's too cold still. And to disappoint even more, they go up(not ON) in late October when it is still warm. I accept the mentally challenged status WARMly! I hate to venture out in the cold for anything, much less taking down the lights. Hey, Christmas is only 10 months away!

Simpson Family said...

And as for facebook---You would love it, and the rest of us would love you too! You would have your own fan club. I dare you to try it. A Ginn ALWAYS accept a dare, well at least Kirk and I do!

Queen Of The Castle said...

Crap - my Christmas lights are still up.
(in my defense - I've had a sick little boy. Don't tell anyone he has felf better for a week!)

Queen Of The Castle said...
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wendy said...

you would have to go on FB if u want to read my 25 ;) it's addicting, i don't recommend it for a-types like us....ask your hubby...i'm on from the time i wake up until i go to bed. can't miss anything, you know! and your todd is such a tease, he IMs me, and then logs off immediately after...leaving me hanging. oh how i miss u all so very much!!!