Friday, December 19, 2008


Every now and then, I have a blip of genius. It just happens. The last time my brilliance sparkled brightly was when I had the girls convinced it was my birthday. When it really wasn't. I just wanted to see if they would be nice to me. Todd told them the truth and ruined my plan. He's such a downer that way.

A few weeks ago, genius showed back up. I made up an imaginary dog. A-Mazing! I'm like the smartest mom ever! All the people in this house (excluding myself) really want a dog. Not happenin'. It's like buying a toddler and bringing it into your home. Oh, and this toddler isn't even covered by your insurance, and you have to pay to shack it up at a pet resort if you go on vacation. For reals not happening. So, as my genius was percolating, I realized that if there are imaginary friends, there can be imaginary dogs. Sweet.

This is Olivia (oh yes, I even gave our new dog a name):

I've talked about her for weeks and I think everyone is on board. Again, A-Mazing. Addie has now started schlepping this stuffed dog around and telling us that this is Olivia. The girls will ask me, "Well, where is Olivia right now?" I always respond, "Wherever you want her to be." Then they inquire, "What does Olivia eat?" "Whatever you want her to eat of course." I've explained to them that she is the perfect dog. So obedient and quiet.

The other night Todd even called to Olivia. Patted his hands on his thighs and leaned down and called to our puppy. It was at that moment that I knew I should be a member of the Menza Society. Honestly, if I can get a 43 yr. old man to beckon to an imaginary dog, I just might be the smartest person in Texas.

I'm toying with the idea of breeding Olivia. Nana told the girls that if our dog had puppies that she would buy one. They might be a little costly. With each puppy you also receive a Foster Child. A-Mazing.


Suburban Hippie said...

Why oh why didn't I think of this?

Todd said...

Hey Sherlock who is smarter than her husband. Menza is spelled Mensa!

chillywillyk said...

where do i sign up for the second puppy? i don't really even want an imaginary puppy, but i will take it just for the 'foster' child that comes with it ;) miss y'all!

Quelly said...

can I choose which Foster child I want?

wade said...

Since you caught Todd "acting" like a child, he is a "Foster", he has a decent salary, and he knows how to spell "Mensa", put the Powells down for one puppy and Todd.

Tana said...

Can you wrap up one of those imaginary puppies for Christmas? I need a boy. Tarz wants a ROVER. I love imaginary gifts. I will send you an imaginary check for all your troubles!

Taryn said...

Santa was very naughty last year and brought us two large rats. I would love to have some words with Santa, but banning him from the bedroom for a month was all I could think of. Anyway...... I want one of your puppies, as I am desperately trying to rid the French house of our rat infestation (shelty/schnauzer). Let me know when Olivia is ready, oh and the Foster child I want is the oldest Samantha.... she can babysit right?

I always wanted to be a "Foster Parent"!