Friday, November 28, 2008


First Birthday

I don't think she has closed her mouth since then.

Sixth Birthday

When did time speed by from 1 yr. old to 6? Looking back makes it all feel like it's passing faster than I want it to. It also makes the moments of joy stand out brighter than they did at their original occurrence. Reflection is funny that way. The bad is always there, but the good becomes better somehow. It happens every birthday. I look at my child and remember the bad, the hard, the heartbreaking. But my mind seems only to dwell on the good, the joy, the love.

And so I gaze at this child of mine who looks and talks like a tornado, and all I see is the good, the joy and the love. I see the kind of mother that her spirit is nudging me to be. I try to see what He sees.

Addie is many things, but shy is not one of them. She oozes freedom and independence, regardless of my instruction. She has an incessant need to talk ALL THE TIME and to cling to those around her like velcro. She is smart and stubborn and ridiculously determined. She is my Addie. And today she is six. I looked at her today and told her how happy I was that Heavenly Father let her be mine. I'm sure I'll change my mind about that tomorrow. But for today, she is my good, my joy and my love.

Happy Birthday Bean

Addison is quite obsessive over wintergreen lifesavers (and bacon).
Nana bought the smallest bag she could find....

Painting pottery with her friend Alexis.

Celebrating at Red Robin.


cindy said...

I had forgotten that our littlest ones shared a birthday!
There must be some hidden bond between the two of them...we celebrated at Red Robin tonight too!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday sweet Addy! We hope it was the best one yet :)! That first one looks like some tough competition though :). Yes, you do personify joy- we are blessed to have you in our family!
Cousin Candy

Tana said...

She is so adorable. If you start lying now, then she could be 6 for a couple of years.

Quelly said...

Please tell me she doesn't eat the life savers and the bacon together...

Happy Birthday Bean!!!

Anonymous said...

Love Bean, Miss bean! Wish we could celebrate with you. Madi called to wish you a happy day. Hoping Sammy gave you the message!

Stacie Cooper said...

I love the thoughts and it's so true about remebering the good, i know that's the way that Heavenly Father designed it, especially with child birth, or we would have all stopped at one right!

Kristin said...

Has she tried chomping on a Wintergreen lifesaver in the dark? It will spark in your mouth! That would probably increase her obsession, though.

Madi said...

I forgot how old she was. Is she really truly 6 years old? I am so suprised. And was that 1 year old picture in Utah? I miss us there. =D