Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Todd Story #248

Stuff happens to Todd. Crazy funny stuff. Ridiculous stuff. Moron stuff. Its attracted to him. He can't help it. The only other person 'stuff' happens to, is my sister. It's true.
My favorite Todd story is #4. The condensed version--in high school, a girl asked him to a girl's choice dance 4 months before the actual dance (because she really wanted to go with him), by the day of the dance, said girl was pregnant (by someone else of course!), and they still went to the dance together!

Todd Story #248 occurred this morning--
  • Todd takes the bus to work because gas prices are insane, and so is the length of his commute. He jumps on the train once he hits downtown.
  • So, while he is on the train, he realizes that he has left his lunch from the previous day, in his work bag.
  • As he exits the train, he pulls his lunch (which is wrapped in a Target sack) out of his work bag and he tosses it into the trash can. As the heavy sack hits the bottom of the trash, it makes a loud 'thud' sound.
  • Aggressive Policeman is standing directly by the trash and in reaction to the sound, his hand immediately moves to his gun.
  • Todd freezes and looks at the Mr. Policeman.
  • "Sir, can you tell me what you just put in the trash."
  • "Uh, my lunch that I forgot to eat yesterday."
  • Todd is then retained while Mr. Policeman inspects the Target sack that he threw in the trash. Once confirmed that it was actual lunch material, he was allowed to be on his way.
I'll say it again, stuff just happens to this man. Some might find this story amusing. I find it as karma for calling me a jolly green giant.


Anonymous said...

My favorite Todd story is when he was in the MTC and heard the Joseph Smith story for the first time.

penny said...

Todd and Mckell....two peas in a pod.

Anonymous said...

Ask Todd about the fun Speech and Drama trips we took with Mr. "D"... Many a fun stories I'm sure he could tell! :)

The Kikuchi's said...

I definitely think Todd looks like a terrorist! He is Oh so scary when he claps at the girls!z