Sunday, July 6, 2008


I went to church today with a heavy heart. A lot going on in my mind lately. I sat in sacrament meeting as the usual activity occurred around me. Then, for a brief moment, I caught the sound of a hymn being sung in another room of the church. Muffled singing, but I heard it--and a short phrase seemed to spread out in my mind, "in seasons of distress and grief". This phrase seemed to repeat itself over and over, as if I could almost hear the words being spoken to me.

This phrase has stuck with me all day. 'Seasons' is plural. Distress and grief aren't a singular experience. They grab at us over and over. Doesn't it seem to feel like a majority of the time is occupied by distress and/or grief? Some 'seasons' carry a lighter load, while other 'seasons' feel too heavy to carry. Some 'seasons' coast along, and others feel as if you just might unravel.

Today I was reminded about something I have always known--the Lord sees me. Just me. He sees my heavy heart and all that is on my mind, and He finds a way to tell me He knows. Does it change my 'season'? No. Does it take away any burdens? No. But knowing that my Heavenly Father is intimately aware of just me, makes my 'season' feel a little bit lighter. In the small moment today that I heard a muffled song, off in the background, I knew that someone had just picked up a corner of my burden to help me carry it.

He sees us in our 'seasons', and does all that He can to help us muddle through our distress and grief. May we always be in tune to hear His song in the background.

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Amy Bell said...

I'm sorry you have a heavy heart- but you always seem to have the ability to recognize that your Heavenly Father knows and loves you. My favorite song is Chin Up from Charlottes Web maybe you could go list to that :) Hang in there. Hugs Amy