Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Honey, Sugarplum, Homeslice

Have you ever thought about all the names you used to refer to your spouse when you were first married? They were such nice names. "Hey honey, can you come help me?" Terms of endearment. Expressions of love and affection.

Then children come along. The names you use now change (insert your own examples here). Once you have kids, you are simply fighting for survival. Who can think about using terms of endearment when you don't even have time to take a shower?

Todd has a special ability to make me feel oh so...well, special. His terms of endearment are....well, special. Last night he called me, 'the jolly green giant'. I was wearing a green shirt. How fascinating that when he looks at me, this is the first thing to come to mind. See....there's that special feeling. I filed this new name into the slot in my mind that holds all the other endearing names he uses for me--'chia pet', 'grumpy gilda', 'martyr'. My heart just feels warm all over when I think about it.

So, the next time you're feeling, well....not so special, just call Todd. He has a talent. I mean, seriously, how much better can you get than 'jolly green giant'? If he doesn't answer when you call, it's because I smothered him in his sleep.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely perfect- I swear Todd and Anthony came from the same mold. This one is Anthony's- "you're a good egg." Now, who knows what that means and when you're dating, it just hits ya funny! I still laugh at that one! So, honey, :) hang in there!
Luv ya- Candy

Madi said...

Hey I know why Todd does that. He is getting us (Emily, me, Sami) back for calling him Green Bean. So sorry to brake it to ya, it's not a talent. Sorry!

Edwin and Rebecca said...

I used to be called honey. I'm now called "poo monkey" I'm just used to it and answer to it. He does say it kinda lovingly. We were at dinner with friends and he called me that I acted completely normal....I'm referred to as "poo monkey" way more often than rebecca.

Anonymous said...

I'm a litte jealous. Wade just calls me nancy. No nic-names, ever. I think it's creative and cute. Keeps you guessing everyday.

Tillia said...

Brian has a wonderful name he refers to me as when I am pregnant or any other time of extreme moodiness. It is Killia as opposed to Tillia. We always laugh when he says it and it helps bring me back to reality.