Thursday, July 10, 2008

E-I-E-I-Oooo We're Sweaty

Today's field trip was to Old MacDonald's Farm. Lots of fun, with a serious amount of heat added in.

Train ride around the petting zoo.

Sam feeding the very aggressive sheep.

This is the only animal Makell would touch. She went ba-zerk when Sam and Addie would enter the cages to feed the animals. She would scream at them, "its not my fault if you get eaten!" Baby goats and pigs can be oh so scary.

Addie feeding the baby goats.

Sam loved this little goat and carried it around. It even tried to eat her shirt. Maybe a goat would be a better pet than a dog. I could just keep it in the backyard and feed it old clothing.


Tana said...

I love all the stories and fun. The new colors and layout is wonderful. Fits the "Circus" name! So cute.

Anonymous said...

Ok dear, I love the new blog background!! So cute! :) And how in the world did you come up with so many things to do this summer? I need to take lessons on being creative and such a WONDERFUL mom!! Oh yes, you heard me right! Who else, except an amazing mom, would brave the ferocious heat and do all these great things with her girls? And by the way, I still need your email address!! Please email me at candy@afconnect.com- Thank you! Enjoy the air conditioning tonight! :)
Love ya- Cousin Candy

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness for shaved ice. Looks like fun as I'm sittng here reading in an air conditioned house. Nice new lay-out.

Wanda said...

You cannot believe how much I enjoy your blog publications!!! How fun it is to be able to keep up with all you girls and your precious families!!!Lisa--- you should write a book---then Todd could retire (and I could retire just off the commission 'cause I suggested it!) And I totally agree with Candice---what a wonderful Mom you are !!! Keep the blogs up, sweetheart ! Love Aunt Wanda

Madi said...

That seemed like so much fun. Tell sam that I miss her more than I have ever missed her in my life. Unfortuantly I miss all you guys. Tell this to everyone. I LOVE YOU GUYS, LOVE YOU GUYS, YOU GUYS, GUYS.