Tuesday, June 17, 2008

My Kellie

Today is Makell's birthday. She is 9. Every year at this time, I'm always amazed that she and I have made it through another 365 days without getting arrested--her or me.

I love this girl. She has taught me more than I will ever teach her. She views life from a different angle. She is curious and can (at times) be ever so gentle. When she was a toddler, I cried every day. She was just so hard. I couldn't keep up with all her naughty-ness. I still can't. Now that she's older, I only cry every 3 days. She paces her naughty-ness out, and she goes to school so that I can have a break. Her teachers love her. How could you not love someone who notices when you get a new pair of shoes or a new haircut...

I think my Heavenly Father was trying to teach me something about myself when he gave me Makell. Let go, and enjoy life. Eat your food without utensils. 'People watch' wherever you go. Snuggle with any baby you can find. Jump in the neighbor's pool with your clothes on. Burp. Really loud. School is to play with friends, not to remember what your homework is. Give Hugs.

I adore you, Makell. I thank my Heavenly Father every day that you are mine.

Makell's Birthday Celebration:
SplashTown Water Park with sisters and friends.

Makell and her new tetherball. A couple of months ago, this girl became obsessed with tetherball. It's all she wanted for her birthday. To make sure that her dream came true, she went to the surest source for success--Nana.

Only one other thing she asked for--sticky tack.

Makell needs gum as much as she needs air to breathe.
Being the perfect mom that I am, I feed her obsession.


The Kikuchi's said...

I love my K K too!

rackle4 said...

Happy Birthday Makell - we miss you!!

Quelly said...

Happy Birthday KK!

Anonymous said...

HAppy B-day Makell. Wish we were there in your fun day!!!

cindy said...

happy birthday makell i miss you this is jaycee. so do you like texas i hope you do bye.