Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Social Butterfly

Did you know that the Mayo Clinic has done a study, and they have discovered a new gene--the social butterfly gene. Apparently, it is passed down through the father. There are all kinds of symptoms: excessive talking, extreme friendliness, giggling, the inability to sit in a quiet environment, and the constant need to find new friends.

The Mayo Clinic's main reference for their research was the Foster Circus. They just couldn't believe it was possible for so many members of one family (all except the mother) to be effected by this syndrome.

We live in a new area. Lots of houses being built. Lots of workers around, most of whom, don't speak any English. My girls are fascinated by these workers. They stare in awe. I can overhear them asking the workers if they will speak Spanish for them.

Yesterday, I was watching Makell and Addie and their 'social butterfly syndrome'. One of the workers at the house next door was outside washing his paint brushes. The girls pounced on him as soon as they saw him. They were talking to him non-stop, without pausing. Poor guy had his head down and his eyes were wide with fear. I could see him pleading...."help me". I watched for a moment, just for amusement. Then I told the girls to back off and leave him alone. Makell was utterly annoyed, "but he's our friend. We are not bothering him!" Worker Man escaped while they weren't looking.

As I watched my girls, I wondered to myself, "where does this social butterfly gene come from?" And then it came to me--it's passed on through the father. Ah, that explains everything. Social butterfly Todd. This makes perfect sense. Even Todd's managers have noticed his syndrome and made comment in his evaluation. I believe that the exact words, 'social butterfly' have been mentioned in his performance reviews. Hhmm, yes, this makes perfect sense.

I've come to the conclusion that this social butterfly gene is real. It may not be scientifically proven yet, but its there. Just take a look over here, and the poor workers that are afraid to be within a 100 yard radius of our house.....

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