Thursday, May 1, 2008


Hi, my name is Addie Bean, and I'm an eat-aholic.

This girl is hungry. ALL the time. She needs a 12 step program and she is only 5. "I'm hungry" is her incessant complaint. If I tell her 'no', she starts bobbing up and down and whining like a siren. I think she's bored, and her only solution to that problem, is to eat. She is going to be the size of a refrigerator by the time she is 9. Honestly.

My sister asked her what her favorite food is...she replied, "bacon"--and she had a glitter in her eye when she said it. The girl does love bacon. She sees it in the fridge and says, "bacon, bacon, bacon, I just love bacon." When I dropped her off at preschool today, she said, "mom, when you pick me up, bring me a snack."

So, I've started giving her rules. She has to take a break between her eating streaks. She is not happy about this rule, and she will follow me around the house and ask if her break is over yet. It's really quite bizarre. This tiny 5 yr. old who loves to talk about bacon. Maybe she is missing a chromosome. Or...maybe living in this house gives her so much anxiety, that all she can do is compulsively eat like a chipmunk--I actually wouldn't doubt that reason.

I think that by the time we send out Christmas cards, Addie will be the size of a line-backer. But, I'm sure if you look closely, she'll have bacon in her pockets.


Anonymous said...

Sweet Addy. Let her eat if it makes her happy!
Yesterday a friend came over with her daughter who is about 20 months. She is a big girl!!! She loves to eat. Well by the time they left, (maybe after about 2 hours) my pantry was totally cleaned out.10 bags of fruit snacks, 4 granola bars, pretzels, goldfish. She even tried the microwave popcorn, uncooked! As they were leaving her mom said something about her having a growing problem. I think it's more like an eating problem. It was so funny.

Tana said...

I love it. BACON! At least you don't have to beat her to the cupcakes!

Tillia said...

lisa, that is so funny, because when coleman was about 5 we was asked what his favorite food was( on one of those mothers day questions sheets,) and he was happy to say bacon. when asked what he wishes his mom would have his dad do more of he even said "make more bacon" He is now almost 10 and still get giddy whenever we cook bacon!!